Camel Racing in Qatar

Camel Racing in Qatar

Another popular kind of sport, which is also the hot favorite with most of the Qataris, is the camel racing, which is used to be the exclusive pastime of the sheiks. As the highly popular sport in Qatar, this mainly grabs the attention of the aficionados along with many tourists from all over the world.

Camel Racing in Qatar

Camel racing in Qatar is considered as time-honored tradition and still continues most especially in remote village named Al-Shahaniya. The village itself has its own camel racing track and the visitors are delighted with exceptional prospect of watching the furiously competitive and extremely expensive sporting place located in Qatar.

Camel Racing in Qatar
Camel Racing in Qatar

The camels are highly prized and well known as traditional ships of the desert. Camels are very resilient and remarkable creatures that have what it takes to survive for about five days without water during the desert crossing and their slim legs and wide feet help them to move easily right over the sand. Camel racing are fast, thus sprinting at around sixty five kph, and sustaining their speed of fifty kph over longer distances.

Camel Racing in Qatar is now popular

Every weekend right during the season, the spectators head to the Al Shahaniya. The short distance past Al Rayyan football stadium, the said racetrack is signposted from the road and is easily accessible to all the visitors. In addition to that, there are also purpose-built illuminated oval tracks having different distances where the camels can race up to ten kilometers on the longest.

Camel racing betting is becoming more and more popular in Qatar. The camels are brought by their own handlers to the starting line and then readied right behind the mesh screen. In the starting signal, the screen will then lift and then the camels thunder forward along the track, in which their necks are extended. You will then see the SUV of the owners at the heart of racetrack start up along with the camels. In the vehicles of the owner are people who are controlling the high-tech robot jockeys who are riding the camels, and are bedecked in vibrant skills on their own patron.

The Qatar government pioneered the development of the robot jockeys way back in the year 2001 for the camel racing betting. The robots could perform different movements such as controlling, whipping the reins. The handler could also communicate with camels using the inbuilt microphone, thus spurring them right onto the home straight. Visitors could arrive right at the racetrack around 9:30 in the morning in order to see camel training and relax away from track in grandstand area. Just make sure to take sunscreen and water and dress respectfully since it is a dusty, hot, and exciting day in the desert. Visitors will surely experience sport that blends historic past as well as present of Qatar.

If you’re there to watch, consider some tips. Be always prepared. A prior knowledge regarding with the possible risks that may arise will allow you to cope and stay relaxed in a purposeful state rather than to be in the midst of panic and fear. Try to have common sense. Keep in mind that accidents may occur as people may just ignore warning signs. Also, they might not anticipate some problems. Lastly, be prepared to deal with bad weather conditions. Really, there is nothing bad to assume that you will be forced to experience an unexpected incident such as spending night outdoors.

Camel racing season in Qatar primarily takes place in cooler winter months. Starting from September down to March, when the largest tournaments mainly take place, people could visit the Al Shahaniya for them to experience the amazing and fantastic races.

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