Common Slot Machine Related Myths

There are a number of sentences that you are sure to hear when you go to a casino. Some of them are common slot machine related myths. People use such sentences just to calm down their minds. However, they are just misconceptions and superstitions that people create and blindly follow. Today, the slot machines are run by computer programs and proper technology. Computers don’t know how to cheat or common slot machine related myths. It just knows facts and science. It will do only what it is programmed to do.

Your sitting in a particular position or using a particular coin will not change the systems settings even at online casino like Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. You will only win when you have to win. When you press the button, or pull the lever at the jackpot sequence. And this you can do any which way you like, sitting, standing, eating, praying, it won’t make any difference to the computer.

Myths and Misconceptions about slot machines

That jackpot was mine! This is the most common myth that you may come to hear in a casino. What happens is a person playing on a particular slot machine when stops playing and the other person wins the jackpot at the first go, the previous person says that this jackpot was his. If he may have played one more chance he would have that money. But this is not the real case. The slot machine does not know who you are or how many times have you played on that particular slot machine. For winning a jackpot you need to press the button at the very moment the sequence comes in the machine, no matter who pressed that button will win. It maybe you, somebody else, or nobody at all.

That machine is played out! It is common for people to think once a particular slot machine has given a jackpot, it is used out. It won’t give any more jackpots. But this is merely a misconception as the probability of winning a jackpot on any slot machine remains the same, no matter what.

The lever creates winners! Some people think that pulling the lever has more chances of winning rather than pressing the button. But there is nothing that can support this statement. It is simply some hypothetical belief, started by people and followed by people. No matter how you play, how you press the button or how you pull the lever will make no difference to the slot machine.

They tightened this machine! There is nothing like tightening a machine. Casinos cannot really do anything inside the slot machines to make it tight. If a lose machine is suddenly giving no results it is so because it has to retain the equilibrium. It has to balance out a series of wins, and nothing else.

I have a lucky..! we all agree that luck is an important factor in winning a jackpot in slot games. However, there are other superstitions that people follow. Like this is my lucky position, or this is my lucky machine, or warming up coins before putting them in the machine will make me win. All these are superstitions. You cannot create luck. You can just play and wish for the best.


There are a number of common slot machine related myths and misconceptions that people blindly follow. This may satisfy their minds but they are not true. Nothing can make you win except a smart game.

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