Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts One of the most exciting sports that women fall in love to is gymnastics. Well, why not? This sport does not only allow you to present the shape of your sexy body but it also enables you to display your courage and passion in life.

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Self-esteem is how a gymnast feels about him/herself. It is shaped by the success in their life, as well as the competitions and positive reactions from the other, which include teammates, parents, and coaches. It is prudent that the coaches will make an effort to do anything that they can in boosting the self-esteem of every gymnast. You will be able to see in gymnastics video that gymnasts are seeing themselves as being mirrored by those around them. The top gymnasts will serve as your inspiration in pursuing your dream for gymnastics.

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts
Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts today

  1. Simone Biles – Simone Biles won the 4 world championship gold medals held in Nanning, China. The titles she won are the team championship, the beam, floor exercise apparatus finals, and the all-around individual title. She has countless unique skills that she has done very well from which you can see on gymnastics video; however, what sets her apart is the half out tumbling run double layout on the Floor exercise. As a 1st year senior in the year 2013, she stormed the international scene in the World Championships, being the first woman after Aliya Mustafina (2010) qualified for all the 4 events in finals, and place no lower than the fourth on any of them.
  2. Aliya Mustafina – She is a winner of 3 titles, the Floor, All-around, and Beam at the Russian Cup. She is also the winner of the Russian Championships in April. Her signature skills include the full transition on the Uneven Bars, triple turn with her leg at head, 2 whipbacks to the double front Arabian tumbling pass, which she competed all in 2013.
  3. Maria Kharenkova – She is first at the European Championships on the Balance Beam. On the gymnasticts video, she do the two whip backs into a triple full on the Floor Exercise, and she also do a beautiful layout on Balance Beam. After she won a pair of the junior title in Europe on the Floor and Beam in 2012, Maria Kharenkwa has been marked out to be the future leader of gymnastics team in Russia. After two years, she is still growing into her role on the senior team, but she is proving herself reliable and impressive, most especially on her best events.
  4. Larisa Iordache – She is the European Champion on the Floor Exercise. She is also the winner of four out of five titles at the Championships in Romania. Larisa Iordache is known for the outstanding skills on beam, which include an exceptional and full triple twist dismount, as well as expressive and lively dance on the Floor Exercise.
  5. Andrea Munteanu – If you would view gymnastics video, you will be able to see how she won the European team, as well as a champion in Romania on Balance Beam. Her signature skills include the excellent Beam routine surprising the Championships. Why she is on the list of the recent top gymnasts? She does a lot. For her, to win a medal on the signature apparatus at Romania for the national championship has been much more difficult as compared to winning a medal at the World Championship.

Viewing gymnastics video and knowing the recent news about the top gymnasts in the world will help in inspiring you to pursue your dream and passion. Get an inspiration from the top gymnasts and be one of them soon.

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