How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win

How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win

Many bettors who use statistical theory to determine the handicap at sporting events. Handicap for sporting events such as football, basketball, and baseball is relatively able to be measured using statistics provided by Best Online Sports Bookie website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Unfortunately, the sport of ice hockey is a sport that involves teamwork. The scheme is used relatively flexible where each player can take turns attacking and defending. Therefore, the statistical data of a hockey player is usually not effective for use when predicting handicap betting on ice hockey so here are some tips on How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win and become famous in this field.

If the player statistics are not appropriate to be used to determine the handicap in an ice hockey match, then what should we do? Statistical indicators are in fact can be used to analyze the outcome of the game, as long as the indicator associated with the team’s performance.

How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win

How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win
How to Do Ice Hockey Handicap Betting For You to Win

You can use several indicators such as percentage shootout, first goal percentage, and lots more. Here are some of the types of data that can be used to predict the handicap at a hockey game. Collect data and studied in depth to be able to get the best results when playing handicap on an ice hockey match.

First Goal Percentage

The team that scored the first goal at a hockey game has a very high probability to win the game. More than 60% of a hockey match was won by the team that scored first. Therefore, you should collect data on how often the teams that competed were able to score before the opponent. Analyze the data from the last 10 games to determine the tendency of the team to score first. Find the correlation. Next, you just need to add a variable strength of each team to find the right handicap limit to play.

Save Percentage

In the game of ice hockey, save percentage is actually more useful to estimate the handicap that can be played. First, save percentage usually tends to be in a stable range according to The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. You can estimate whether the team will often conceded or not through this indicator. By doing so, you can predict how many scores that will be earned by each team that will compete with more accuracy. You can customize it with the data on the percentage of shots on target to be able to know the score of the match.

Power Play Percentage

The team that has a high power play is a compact and solid team. They play following the effective strategies so that they can consistently get a favorable result. These teams are teams that you should use to play handicap. Combine the characteristics of a power play with indicators such as the first field goal percentage and save percentage to be able to benefit from the handicap betting baseball.

Home/Away Goals

Ice hockey games are not much influenced by factors play home or away. These games tend to be consistently where the performance of each team will not change much wherever they play. However, the effect of the support of fans at home will of course affect the game of the team that will compete. You should support the home team, especially when seeded teams were playing.

Match Schedule

You should take advantage of hidden clues on the match schedule. If you study the data of the entire game from each team, you will find that the schedule of games in a row will affect the performance of a team. The team that plays in a row usually has a tendency to decrease the score and more often conceded.

If Unsure, Use Over Under

Handicap betting is more comfortable to play. You can bet before the game starts without having to observe the game. These types of bets are relatively fit to play before the game compared to the over-under bets in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. However, if you do not know which decision should be taken, play betting the over-under. By doing so, you can avoid the risk of defeat due to hesitate in making a decision.

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