Live Dealer Mahjong – How to Play and Where

Live Dealer Mahjong – How to Play and Where

Live dealer Mahjong is one of the current popular online casino game played by lots of players. Not only because the game itself is pretty thrilling, but it can also increase your skill. Are you interested in playing this game? If yes, know more about live dealer Mahjong – how to play and where here.

Live Dealer Mahjong – How to Play and Where

Live Dealer Mahjong – How to Play and Where
Live Dealer Mahjong – How to Play and Where

How to Play Live Dealer Mahjong

If you like playing Poker, you will discover the similarity with this Live Dealer Mahjong game. It is because to win this game, you need to use strategies and master a certain skill. Although it seems hard, once you know the tricks, you will be able to win easily.

But before you learn the strategies to win the Live Dealer Mahjong game, you need to know how to play this game. Actually, there are different ways of playing this game based on the online casino you are playing in. Just like in casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia.

Basically, this game is played using a set of tiles, with around 136 to 144 tiles. Each of the tiles has different symbols on it and you just need to arrange the sets of tiles with three or four tiles and each tiles combination has a different score.

To begin the game, the players need to make the bet and the dealer will distribute 13 or 16 tiles to each player based on the online casino they are in. The players will arrange the tiles into a wall of tiles and begin to make the pairs.

The players can summon additional tiles and when a player has finished arranging the tiles, the player can show the tiles and the score will be counted.

The tiles will be placed at the center of the game table and the remaining players can use those tiles to make the pairs. However, the players need to show the pair they want to make first before taking the tiles. The winner of this game is the player who can get the highest score.

Where to Play Live Dealer Mahjong

This game is pretty exciting to play, but unfortunately, not all online casino sites provide you with a high-quality Live Dealer Mahjong game in their sites. By playing on those random online casino sites, you won’t get the real thrill of playing this game.

If that’s the case, you can play the Live Dealer Mahjong in the best online casino site in Malaysia named casinoqq801 best live Malaysia casino site & online betting games. Compared to the other online casino sites, you will be greeted with great graphics and sound effects that will make you enjoy the game more.

The best thing about this online casino site is, in playing the game, you will be accompanied by the real dealers with beautiful appearances. Not only can you enjoy the game more, but you will enjoy the atmosphere of the game itself.

Knowing about live dealer Mahjong – how to play and where will help you a lot when it comes to the real game. Make sure you play it in to get the best experience and the best deal to make you win the game easily.

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