Slot gamble machine features on the online casinos to play on

Slot gamble machine features on the online casinos to play on

The gamble feature of Slot gamble machine features on the online casino to play on has been there since the introduction of the first slot machine on Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. This gamble feature gives you the chance to play double or nothing with your winnings at all times. The ultimate exciting feature of this machine is that it gives you the opportunity to win big money or you get nothing completely when you lose. Initially the gambling machines were fixed to a yes or no button but the development of online casinos has led to the invention of the best slot features that gives gamblers the best options to click on.

Slot gamble machine features on the online casinos to play on

Slot gamble machine features on the online casinos to play on
Slot gamble machine features on the online casinos to play on

Slot games that are having a gamble feature gives the gambler the chance to double their winnings that have been accrued or the bonuses. The chances are 50/50 which means that when you win, all the winnings will be times two of your money. The trick in playing this gamble feature requires you as a gambler to predict if the next card that is going to be withdrawn will be black or red meaning that you can win maximum amount at all times. This is what makes everything in this game to be super fine. You can ensure that you these games perfectly all times otherwise when you lose everything is gone and you earn zero.

Mechanism of action of the machines

In some machines, players are given the opportunity to collect their winnings if they like. Though you can leave your double winnings and continue betting, it is not a good idea because every time you play the game, your chances of losing are very high. It is therefore good to ensure that you be careful and know your limits always. This is what makes everything to be on the right track.

A lot of developments have been done to the gamble features and some developers like micro gaming from Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins give you the opportunity to even control the payout odds. Gamble features that use card games are most important features and you should always ensure that you learn how to utilize them. These are the ones that allow you to pick whether the next one is red or black. However some other cards offer you with the mini games where you predict whether the card that will be drawn will be a high or low card compared to the one shown on the screen.

The coin toss is another gamble feature. This is purely a matter of luck and for those who want easy winning and easy losing, this is the best risk you can take. The options are only two, be correct or be wrong, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to ensure that you win the games perfectly then you need to ensure that you know what kind of strategies to put forth. This way, you are able to make the most winnings. The best thing is that when you win, all your winnings are doubled again making you to be super winner always.

Another gamble feature is the bonus games. These allow you to make the most out of everything at all times by allowing you to manipulate the games so that you win bonuses. It is an easy way but you can end up with nothing if you don’t take things seriously. Always ensure that you use the gamble bonus feature when you see something like the glop. This is the best way to ensure that you are completely on the right side. Always make sure to win these games from Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android to make a lot of money.

Cycling: A game with the unique style

Cycling: A game with the unique style

Cycling: A game with the unique style means the use of bicycles for transportation, enjoyment, exercise and Sports. Bicycles were introduced 19thcentury. It was the main means of transportation in many parts of the world. It is a very efficient mode of transport. Cycling is widely regarded as a very effective and efficient mode of transportation for short distances.

Cycling: A game with the unique style


Cycling has numerous benefits which increases its value and make this differ from other games. The most benefit of cycling is that it doesn’t pollute the environment. It doesn’t require any fossil fuel that is why it is an eco-friendly mode of transport. It also helps to maintain good health. As it only requires physical power to run, it also gives financial benefits to its users.

Cycling: A game with the unique style
Cycling: A game with the unique style

Cycling: A game with the unique style for anyone

Cycling is a competitive physical activity using bicycles. There are many categories of bicycles racing including road bicycle racing, time trialling, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, and cycle speedway.The Union CyclisteInternationaleis the governing body of world cycling and event manager. Many schools and police departments run educational programmes to encourage and instruct children in acquiring cycling skills. Learning cycling at early age also helps in learning traffic rules easily.

Olympic Sport

Cycling is also a sport which is played in Olympics. Cycling is popular in every country but especially in Europe. Cycling has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games. Women’s cycling was not a part of the Olympic programme until the road race at the 1984 Summer Olympics. The 2012 Summer Olympics were the first time in which men and women competed in the same number of events in all cycle racing format

Famous Cyclists

Cycling has given birth to many well-known personalities which includes Eddy Merckx, Mario Cipollini, FaustoCoppi, BinardHinault, Miguel Indurain,Greg Lemond, Sean Kelly, Lance Armstrong, De France, UniBallen, Phil Anderson and many more. Bikram Singh, Amrit Singh, SreedharSavanur, Deborah Herold and Rameshwori Devi are few well known personalities of this game in India.

Union CyclisteInternationale (UCI)

The Union CyclisteInternationale, commonly known as UCI, is the main body which is govern the game cycling. It also takes all responsibilities of international competitive cycling events. It was formed on 14th April, 1900. It’s headquarter is located in Aigle, Switzerland. The current president of UCI is Brian Cookson. The UCI organises cycling’s world championships. The winner of a UCI World Championship title is awarded with a rainbow jersey, white with five coloured bands on the chest.

Types of Races

There are many events which are arranged by UCI which includes Road Racing, Track cycling, Cyclo – cross, Mountain bike racing, BMX racing, Trials and Indoor cycling. Few of the tournaments are played by both men and women while few of them are only played by men.

Physical Exercise

Cycling also helps to stay fit. Cycling help to protect us from serious diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis. Riding cycle is not only healthy but also fun.Cycling can easily be fitted in our daily routine. It can be done easily by travelling to short distance on it like riding to a shop, park, school or work. Cycling is commonly used within knee rehabilitation programs. It is very useful in losing weight and to strengthenthighs.

Eco-friendly Nature

Cycling is non-polluting way of travelling. As it doesn’t gives out any harmful gas which can harm our nature, it becomes a very eco-friendly product. In the current environmental conditions, it has become very important to use such transportation methods which is not hazardous to nature and cycling is the one of the best way to protect our environment. Cycling is not helpful in maintaining ecological balance but also a economical way of

What does Silver Oak Casino offer?

What does Silver Oak Casino offer?

Have you tried playing casino online? It feels great right? There is a plenty of online casinos that assure the moon, however, fall short of their promises. In any casino game, your top most priority is to entertain yourself and at the same time earn money. There are many online casino players who thrive to give their best just to win the game. This gives them an unparalleled level of fun and excitement. In playing such games, its either you win or you lose, and try your luck next time. This is always true. But how about doing online game? Silver Oak casino provides you a gaming entertainment like no other. They are available 24/7 with fast deposit!

What does Silver Oak Casino offer?

Silver oak casino is one of the online casino games that can provide you the entertainment that you are looking for. This can be your best destination if you want to enjoy and have fun. This online casino has its impeccable reputation in different online game businesses. It offers the quickest payment processor and this online casino game is already proven excellent when it comes to provider player satisfaction and customer service. The silver oak have already gained a name as well as place in the minds and souls of their thousands players. Many online casino payers are joining their game table every day.

What does Silver Oak Casino offer?
What does Silver Oak Casino offer?

Because of their excellent customer service as well as player satisfaction they provide, new people are now downloading and signing up this casino software. The silver oak is available every day and it is included in their obligation to provide their customers not only with superb casino games online, with their favourites such as online blackjack, online slots, roulette, specialty games, video poker but the silver oak is also driven in providing excellent service and be able to go beyond your expectations.

They have their friendly-user site which is very easy to follow and use. It is also possible to have an access to their site by navigating or continuously using this site.  They will be the one to utilize browser cookies in order for you to have premium experience.  But as you connect to their access, they also need to give you some necessary restrictions and other offers to limit your online gaming experience. This is important especially when you are at the restricted age. They do not this for the parents to have a safe feeling that a player will not have any undesirable result while being engaged into online gambling.

What does Silver Oak Casino offers?

Silver oak casino has many things to offer that you can’t found to other casino online games. This online game offers the following:

  • This online casino game features new graphics, advanced technological enhancements and realistic quality that you have never seen yet in other online games. This casino game is created in order to provide you with unforgettable experience.
  • Silver oak casino provides you with highest percentage of casino bonuses whenever you want to deposit. Their VIP Casino Promotions and Free chips are the features that provide satisfying play. This online casino will enable you to realize how it feels if you have already downloaded this software.

You can browse the user-friendly website of Silver Oak casino and you will surely find many ways in order to earn true cash by means of playing this casino game. By means of this casino game, you will surely entertain yourself to the fullest. This online casino game will help the players to learn effective ways in order to win bigger amounts and satisfy every hour that you spend on this software. This online casino game will also teach you efficient strategies that will make your experience profitable and enable you to interact with other Silver Oak casino US players. So what are you waiting for? Download or sign up to this software now! Be entertained and win the games.

Playing on Bowling Leagues

Playing on Bowling Leagues

It is nice to go out on weekends and do some recreational activity just to take a break from the tiresome week. That is why various outdoor games were invented so as to have an activity for enjoyment. One can try playing the game called “Bowling”. Bowling is a fun activity or may pertain to a series of sport by which a bowling ball is being rolled or thrown by a player towards a target. A kind of game that already millions of people enjoyed. But one would be asking when and where it originated? What is the history of Bowling?

Playing on Bowling Leagues

Playing on Bowling Leagues
Playing on Bowling Leagues

Bowling is indeed a great recreational game for all although; it is not as popular as basketball or the world cup for football. Knowing the history of bowling is a simple proof that the people back then have enjoyed rolling or throwing a ball towards a hole or the targets. Having it known and popularized, the news of this fun game reaches other countries. That is why today there are developments done in the game to suits the level of each of those countries that had already adopted it. Now, the interest of people did not stop there. They have organized their groups and compete to gain a title that they can prove that they won as the best team. Bowling independently is good but where is the fun there? Playing with a team, of all sorts of ages, brings thrill and excitement to every bowler. When a number of teams compete for each other in set of bowling events is called bowling league. The league may be made up of mostly four-player team mixed leagues consist, male-only and female-only set commonly used three- to five-player teams. They may gather together for once a month, or a week to compete against each other. One would have asked, are there any benefits that one can get in bowling leagues?

Here are some reasons why it is good to be one in the bowling leagues:

  • For health, it can burn calories and fats. The more you are active in this game, the more that you will burn. Having a series of warm-ups before the start of the game, means a great exercise for the mind and body.
  • You can gain self-pride as you continue to improve in your game.
  • No age limit; this is great sport which everyone can enjoy.
  • One can meet and make new friends by joining bowling leagues.
  • It encourages fair competition among others. A beginner can learn and be skilled by competing to the experienced players.
  • A great recreational and social activity for children, developing them to become more competitive.
  • One can compete for money or just for fun.
  • While you are enjoying, you also help school children. Some bowling leagues were held to sponsorship to raise fund for school children.
  • Being a member in a bowling league, one can enjoy an unlimited use of the equipment and facilities that you can practice at your own convenience.
  • One can learn sportsmanship and camaraderie among others.
  • A great game for family bonding.

Being in the bowling league can mean a lot to your whole life. Aside from you are gaining more friends and enjoys every weekend with your family, you become fit. Health is wealth as everybody say. The rules are easy; everyone can easily learn. There are no more worries or anything that can hinders you to get nice score. Everyone enjoyed it for another reason, the game is so simple. Unleash the bowler instinct that you have and enjoy getting high scores! There is more fun in Bowling!

NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore

NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore

What are the NFL best games that you have already watched? Well, for some they will probably be citing a particular season or match of football teams. There are really games that are trending for days because of the iconic win of a particular team and others. It is not just your favorite player or team will give the best game NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore. But almost every NFL game is truly fun and memorable. If you are really an avid fan of this game, are you sure that you know everything about it starting from great winnings to funny moments?

NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore

NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore
NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore

NFL games or National Football League is a professional football league for Americans that was founded in 1920. Due to its popularity and being the most anticipated game, this was already known to be one of the major professional sports leagues. No wonder that there is always a blockbuster in every regular season. Aside from its great history, there are other great facts that you shouldn’t miss for your life. You may already know some but how about the others?

If you are an NFL hardcore fan, you should know the following things:

  • There is a total of 500 audience when this football was ever first televised in 1939. There were less than 112,200,500 audience who have watched the Super Bowl game in 2014.
  • You will need to wait for 1,000 years before you finally have your ticket and watch it live. There is nothing wrong if you will be signing up for the season ticket for Green Bay Packers but being on the waiting list will be way too long. There may be some that would give up their own tickets due to long waiting time.
  • There is only one NFL best team that has three-peated wins in Super Bowl history. It was the Green Bay Packers that won for three consecutive years starting from 1966 to 1968. According to the history, there is still no other team that made the same achievement as Green Bay Packers.
  • The trophy for Super Bowl cost for thousand dollars. It is said that this precious trophy cost for $25,000. It may be a bit lower compared from what other famous NFL players earned but winning this is priceless.
  • It is calculated that almost 4,000 balls are produced per game day. Since 194, Wilson is the exclusive creator of NFL ball that said to be the producer of such number of balls. It is compared to producing one ball per Eli Manning interception.
  • It was recorded that there is a player that earned the score of 40 points. It was in 1929 game when Ernie Nevers had got 4 points and 6 touch down. This score was the oldest record fund on the old NFL record book and this was also said to be famous.

If you wanted to play this one out without consuming lot more of money buying your coins, then you can have some of the methods that can surely help you earn NHL 15 coins. With this, you can absolutely earn a coin by simply exerting effort and time. Isn’t it cost effective? If you also find it that way, then you can research some of the methods that you can use for earning your NHL 15 coins.

These are some of the great facts that may probably amaze all the avid fans of this game. Aside from this, funniest moments will no longer be out of the season. This just proves that even NFL layers can really do things that will totally make fans laugh. Go for the extreme fun now!

More about Bowling

More about Bowling

The history of bowling can be dated back to primitive man during the time of Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. The traces of the bowls used where found way back in the 3000-5000 years ago in ancient Egypt More about Bowling. Rather than it is being thrown like what people are doing today, bowling balls is being rolled on the ground because of its weight. Balls at that time where made out of porcelain but the other kind of its where made out of husks of corn coated in leather and fastened with a string.

More about Bowling

The history of bowling can be dated back to primitive man during the time of Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. The traces of the bowls used where found way back in the 3000-5000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Rather than it is being thrown like what people are doing today, bowling balls is being rolled on the ground because of its weight. Balls at that time where made out of porcelain but the other kind of its where made out of husks of corn coated in leather and fastened with a string.


Herodotus, in the history of bowling by 5th century has also noted the creation of the different variations of the game by the Lydians in Asia Minor. Another history of bowling where also noted about 2,000 ages ago. Where stone objects were thrown out to the other stone object as near as possible. In the long run, outdoor bowling or Italian Bocce was created as it was known and played by the Roman soldiers.

Bowling Equipment

Bowling balls – different manufactures for bowling equipment have already advertised their product, either on their website or on television. Improvement of the bowling ball can be noticed on its cover stock, the appearance/designed and how it weights. There are companies who have different variations on the material that they use in the cover stock of the ball. This is the most important thing that one should be concern about. Today, bowling balls comes in different designs. The most important thing here is its cover stock.

Bowling Shoes – having the nice bowling shoes to wear is the one that you need in town. Other choosing the most efficient ball to use, you need to have your own bowling shoes that you should be comfortable in wearing it during the play. Companies for bowling equipment have updated the lines of their shoes. This is made from finest leather that many of the customers have proven its high quality and its affordable price.  Its feature is something that one should not miss. It comes in interchangeable soles and heels which will fit the customer’s style. These shoes guarantee its durability by having a toe drag protector that prevents sole from peeling and is replaceable for your convenience.

Bowling Hand guard – to secure maximum protection while on the game, companies have come up a support especially in releasing the ball. To prevent painful calluses on the hand and fingers, this high quality glove is made in fine material for comfortable wear. It also helps you in having an accurate hold of the ball, giving you the best swing you could ever make. It has textured palms to give more contact with the grip of the ball and a total fit to the hands.

Bowling Bags – now it comes in different colors and sizes that will suit the demand of most customers. Many bowlers wanted to have secure compartments, such as your shoes. There is unique feature that introduces an exterior zipper which enables you to have a special space for your special thing. It also comes in wheels for its superior mobility.

If you are already interested to buy your bowling equipment, remember this tip: try to look for its quality not on the design.

Significance of Sports

Significance of Sports

The significance of sports is a very important topic to be addressed and it should not be ignored because the significance of sports can be very effective a human being’s daily life routine. It can prove to be very beneficial in many aspects but some people do not pay attention to sports and consider it to be useless. They think that it nothing but just a wastage of time but this mind set should be changed because it is necessary to know that sports are very important for each and every one. It is not just confined to a specific age group of people instead it is very useful to every person who feels the need to improve some skills in their personality or to remain healthy for a longer period.

Significance of Sports

It is commonly observed that the people belonging to different age groups are not interested in physical activities but rather they want to spend their leisure time in front of televisions and the children usually desire that they would just sit inside their houses and play video games all day long which also negatively effects on their health.

Some of the important point regarding the value of sports.

Significance of Sports
Significance of Sports

Significance of Sports in life

  1. Physical strength

It is quite clear that sports is a very good exercise. It involves running, shooting, catching, jumping and various other actions which account for good exercise for whole body. Exercise is very beneficial for a human’s health because it does not only help you stay fit and avoid gaining weight but it also helps you to stay away from a lot of hazardous diseases. It is usually quoted that’ “Health is wealth” and so by indulging in sports a person can be healthy and fit because by exercising each and every part of the body works and that helps every part to work more efficiently in our daily lives.

  1. The ability of decision making

When a person is playing some sort of sports then he has to make decisions on spot and especially when he is playing in a team he is under that pressure that he has to make effective decisions that may prove to be beneficial for the team so under these circumstances a person learns how to make decisions very quickly and also keeping in mind that they must be some smart ones. So when people go through these situations their skill regarding decision making increases very drastically and it is observed that the people who participate actively in sports are quite efficient at their work place.

  1. Development of confidence

Sports are not only important for the physical fitness but it also accounts for the development of personality. It provides a person more courage and zeal to its personality. If a person lacks confidence or he thinks that he is not good enough to do something then he should definitely start to involve in sports because sports can also turn out to be a good psychological improvement. By playing sports a person can gain confidence. He may face some difficulties and hardships at the beginning but if he continues to work in sports and invest time in it then he will definitely be able to polish his personality and get rid of the basic flaws from his personality.

  1. Co-ordination

When a person plays any sport with his team or with couple of friends he learns to co-ordinate with other people. Especially in games like Basketball, soccer, cricket and football a person learns to co-ordinate with other people because such matches can only be won by team co-ordination and unity.

How to Play a Specific Casino Game

How to Play a Specific Casino Game

Playing casino in Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website is already common in this society but How to Play a Specific Casino Game. In fact, it is already adapted by many individuals. But not all can really play best in casino games. That is why it is necessary to know the steps on how to play a certain casino game. To help you out, try considering the following steps:

How to Play a Specific Casino Game

How to Play a Specific Casino Game
How to Play a Specific Casino Game
  1. Decide on what specific game you want to play. This casino is specializing different kinds of games so you have to choose what you really like.
  2. Consider the download speed. This phase is very significant on your part so you have to take into consideration with this one. The download speed or running of games online in Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site depends upon the kind of casinos. They use different gaming frameworks and that affects the quality of your online gaming and download speed. Thus, this casino can assure you with all of those things.
  3. Choose bonuses that will help you a lot. You have to choose a casino that has best bonuses which will benefit you most all throughout the process. There are some casinos that work on VIP bonuses, accumulation of point basis, listing of tournament bonuses, etc. However, with this casino, you will have the assurance of having best bonuses of your choice that will help you during the process.
  4. Language accessibility. If you cannot understand English as a language, you need this casino because they can provide you all of the data about your primary language. Playing a specific casino game with a language that you are not very familiar with, will affect your performance but here you will feel the process very convenient.
  5. Look for reviews about an online casino. Here, all of their clients said that it has a very excellent service where you should not miss. Looking for the reviews is a normal behavior of many individuals because they just want to assess the services of a particular casino. Thus, they can assure you with their best services.
  6. Search for the user’s opinion on the casino that you want. They can give you the accurate details that will help you decide if you are going to play a game or not with them.
  7. You have to contact a team that will support you before you sign in. The team can support you a lot when you play a casino game. You have to check for their reply speed, professionalism, etc. that you think will be a great help. Here, they provide contact information about their users whom you can ask help during the process.
  8. You must list yourself in an account that is free. As much as possible, you try playing other games; have an interaction with other users and testing numerous offered games for free because in this way, you have the idea on what is happening in the actual setting.
  9. The bonus when you sign up will lessen your big amount of money. Make sure that you will not put more for the signing up bonus because you will lose a game without experiencing to play the casino game.

One tip. Know your limitation. You have to know your financial means so that you will be prepared in facing the things that will happen while playing the game on The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Make the things very easy on your part by deciding on the lost amount you can pay for before you start playing. After knowing that, you need to have your time limit. Always stick to what you have planned before you begin. If you feel like unsatisfied with your performance, you can play again sometime. Before you play a game, make sure that you are aware with the present things that happen in an actual game, you can do that through the help of the above guide presented.

How to improve your Bowling Game?

How to improve your Bowling Game?

Do you want to stand out in your next bowling game? How to improve your Bowling Game? If you wish to improve your bowling game, then one should engage himself into learning the elements of this game practice. Reaching your goal to be good in it is not that easy. How could you improve yourself in it? Here are some of the tips that you can try.

How to improve your Bowling Game?

How to improve your Bowling Game?
How to improve your Bowling Game?
  1. Have the right tools – You need to have a good bowling shoes and most important of all, the ideal bowling ball. This will help you in achieving your goal which is to improve your bowling game. This means picking the right ball. Someone who would want to know in a bowling game should invest in one thing: find the best bowling ball. Even the famous bowlers have started their career in taken this first step. It may be difficult especially to those who from being an avid fan for the game turn out to be dreaming of playing it for real. One would have thought that choosing for a bowling ball is just a piece of cake to make. Would it ever make a difference in the bowlers’ game?
  2. Check your posture – it is important to maintain good posture. A right angle with legs and the entire part of your body is suggested whenever holding a ball. The fingers should be also in the right position in the holes of the ball. Setting up the body in the right position will give more force in hit when already release the ball.
  3. Concentrate on your balance – Beginners at first, were not able to balance correctly for them to concentrate on to their energy. It is not enough that one had already let go his full energy, focusing on the left or right foot without balancing correctly. This will just lead to poor release level and may not be able to hit the pins. Balancing the body from point to another point is needed for someone to have a full focus with your energy upon a particular point.
  4. Locate your mark – in finding it, on the lane, there are seven arrows that will guide you. Your aims in hitting the targets depend on whether you are right or left handed as well. Never assume for the middle mark, it will not just hit your target. Improve your bowling game by aiming for the arrow on the left for left handed and vice versa.
  5. Focus on your footsteps. Find the right tempo or rhythm for your steps to complement with your arm-swing. Enough time will help you to avoid in overly increasing the speed of your steps.
  6. Swing it – start it by swinging your arm towards the target and let the downswing to go on smoothly over the backswing in continuous motion. Then let it reach for the release zone by letting it to swing spontaneously. Keep a consistent tempo to make a successful delivery towards the target.
  7. Release and then Bow – One must bow his arm up and down for the reason that it will keep the direction of the ball to the right path and will surely hit the pins. If one will not bow his arm, you may be lucky to notice that the ball is changing its track.
  8. Hold your position for a while – It important that you pose for a while, till the ball passes to the target. Balance is still the main concern during and after you let go of the ball, another way of improving your bowling game. Learning these steps will help you to improve your bowling game.

Women’s sports

women sports

Women’s sports have been working in every field alongside men. In this modern time men and women are considered to be equal and except some nations, gender inequality has been eliminated by the hard working and courageous women who had proved to the world that they have the abilities to work for every profession and so they have succeeded to change alter people’s thoughts about that women are not strong enough to do anything.

Women’s sports

Nowadays, women have been serving their respective countries and making their nation very proud but when we look back to the past decades, we can know that there was a time when women were not even allowed to take part in sports. The reason may be that the women did not have a vast interest in sports but as the time passed the women showed due interest towards sports and so became a part of it.

women sports
women sports

Women’s sports same like men’s sports

The Olympics had initially started in the year 1896 and at this time women were not allowed to participate in it but however when women showed great interest in athletics and soon they had begun to participate in the Olympics. In 1900 women had participated in the Olympics for the first time though they were very few in quantity. The women that participated in it were just 22 in the games like golf, croquet, sailing etc. The physical weakness and lack of stamina had created a sense of discouragement among the women and as there was a lack of support to women then internationally a committee was made which actually created a sense of encouragement among the women worldwide. After the committee was founded women from more than 20 countries started to participate in sports proving people wrong and showing everyone that they had will power and courage to do what they want and continued to make their nations proud. Women teams have won four gold medals in the Olympics which even the men were unable to win.

Gender equality was faced by women by a large extent but women did not lose their hopes. They continued to fight the battle of gender equality as according to the title ix, which is a law, there must not be any sort of gender discrimination anywhere at all.

In the ancient times women were not allowed to receive education but in French revolution men and women both were given equal rights and they both received same education as well as sports training as sports was a part of education system and it still is in many countries. Another problem faced by the women was that there was no media coverage for the women matches. The media only used to cover the matches, victories and statistics of just men’s matches. No due attention was paid to women’s matches and due to this the women’s matches were not promoted as much as the men’s matches.

But things have changed a lot since then. It is worth mentioning that the women team of West Indies had also won the T20 world cup same year when the men’s team did. There are some honorable mentions of women which must be taken into account because due to their determination they were able to get success.

  1. Serena Williams

She is a tennis player and she is ranked to be the number 1 player in women tennis.

  1. Maria Sharapova
    Maria Sharapova is also a professional tennis player and she has competed on the WTA tour.
  2. Ronda Rousey

She is a mixed martial artist and she was the first ever women to get a gold medal in Olympics for judo.

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