Threats of E-Games

Threats of E-Games

E-games have become a trend these days. The term Threats of E-Games refer to electronic games that are available online and there are numerous sites on which a large variety of e-games are available for about every age group. There many games related to sports like cricket, soccer, football that are of huge interests to boys and also there are many more games for girls as well. The pupil belonging to teenage are showing great interest towards it. The problem is that nowadays even toddlers have become greatly addicted to such games not realizing that these games can cause harm to them. Parents ignore the fact that these e-games are great threat to their children but it is very important for them to realize that they should try to stop their children from playing them because when their children play these games excessively, it is causing serious issues to them.

Threats of E-Games

Threats of E-Games
Threats of E-Games

Some of the disadvantages caused by e-games are as follows;

  1. Lack of interest towards physical activities

When people get used to play online games all day long then they do not find any attraction in physical activities. They prefer to sit in front of computer screens all day rather than to go outside and play games that would require physical involvement. Due to this children put on a lot of weight in early age that is a threat to their health as obesity can cause a lot many diseases and they may be very dangerous in early ages. So parents should force their children to get rid of these games and to play games that would be a good source of exercise for them which would be able to make them fit and healthy.

  1. Threat to eye-sight

It is observed these days that most of the children wear eye glasses because they suffer from the weakness of eye sights from a very young age and one of the reason causing this is that they are addicted to online gaming. Excessive use of computers can cause our eyes to get weak very soon. Eye diseases have been increases day by day due this. These diseases may be Long sightedness or short sightedness.

  1. Spam mails

E-games are causing problems to the health of children but it also causes other problems that may be very dangerous for them. There are some sites that ask for personal data and many other stuff and there are people with bad intentions behind those computer screens which desire to get undue profit and children are not wise enough to understand these complications. They are quite naïve and usually they do give that personal data online not realizing that this can be a huge issue.

  1. Lack of social interaction

When the attention of children is more and more diverted towards e-games then they do not pay any attention to their surroundings. All they care about is their games and high scores. As a result they lack interaction with other people. Usually a communication gap is observed between the parents and their children, which can never be beneficial for the children. It may cause more and more trouble to them. Due to which family, friends and relationships are neglected and this gives rise to more fights and less peace around us.

  1. Violence

Due to the nature of some games that contains arms and ammunition and wars, then these games negatively affect the attitude and thoughts of the children. They promote violence. The attitude of such children changes a lot. They seem to be very violent and ready to fight on very small and ignorable issues.

Camel Racing in Qatar

Camel Racing in Qatar

Another popular kind of sport, which is also the hot favorite with most of the Qataris, is the camel racing, which is used to be the exclusive pastime of the sheiks. As the highly popular sport in Qatar, this mainly grabs the attention of the aficionados along with many tourists from all over the world.

Camel Racing in Qatar

Camel racing in Qatar is considered as time-honored tradition and still continues most especially in remote village named Al-Shahaniya. The village itself has its own camel racing track and the visitors are delighted with exceptional prospect of watching the furiously competitive and extremely expensive sporting place located in Qatar.

Camel Racing in Qatar
Camel Racing in Qatar

The camels are highly prized and well known as traditional ships of the desert. Camels are very resilient and remarkable creatures that have what it takes to survive for about five days without water during the desert crossing and their slim legs and wide feet help them to move easily right over the sand. Camel racing are fast, thus sprinting at around sixty five kph, and sustaining their speed of fifty kph over longer distances.

Camel Racing in Qatar is now popular

Every weekend right during the season, the spectators head to the Al Shahaniya. The short distance past Al Rayyan football stadium, the said racetrack is signposted from the road and is easily accessible to all the visitors. In addition to that, there are also purpose-built illuminated oval tracks having different distances where the camels can race up to ten kilometers on the longest.

Camel racing betting is becoming more and more popular in Qatar. The camels are brought by their own handlers to the starting line and then readied right behind the mesh screen. In the starting signal, the screen will then lift and then the camels thunder forward along the track, in which their necks are extended. You will then see the SUV of the owners at the heart of racetrack start up along with the camels. In the vehicles of the owner are people who are controlling the high-tech robot jockeys who are riding the camels, and are bedecked in vibrant skills on their own patron.

The Qatar government pioneered the development of the robot jockeys way back in the year 2001 for the camel racing betting. The robots could perform different movements such as controlling, whipping the reins. The handler could also communicate with camels using the inbuilt microphone, thus spurring them right onto the home straight. Visitors could arrive right at the racetrack around 9:30 in the morning in order to see camel training and relax away from track in grandstand area. Just make sure to take sunscreen and water and dress respectfully since it is a dusty, hot, and exciting day in the desert. Visitors will surely experience sport that blends historic past as well as present of Qatar.

If you’re there to watch, consider some tips. Be always prepared. A prior knowledge regarding with the possible risks that may arise will allow you to cope and stay relaxed in a purposeful state rather than to be in the midst of panic and fear. Try to have common sense. Keep in mind that accidents may occur as people may just ignore warning signs. Also, they might not anticipate some problems. Lastly, be prepared to deal with bad weather conditions. Really, there is nothing bad to assume that you will be forced to experience an unexpected incident such as spending night outdoors.

Camel racing season in Qatar primarily takes place in cooler winter months. Starting from September down to March, when the largest tournaments mainly take place, people could visit the Al Shahaniya for them to experience the amazing and fantastic races.

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts One of the most exciting sports that women fall in love to is gymnastics. Well, why not? This sport does not only allow you to present the shape of your sexy body but it also enables you to display your courage and passion in life.

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Self-esteem is how a gymnast feels about him/herself. It is shaped by the success in their life, as well as the competitions and positive reactions from the other, which include teammates, parents, and coaches. It is prudent that the coaches will make an effort to do anything that they can in boosting the self-esteem of every gymnast. You will be able to see in gymnastics video that gymnasts are seeing themselves as being mirrored by those around them. The top gymnasts will serve as your inspiration in pursuing your dream for gymnastics.

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts
Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts

Gymnastics and Top Gymnasts today

  1. Simone Biles – Simone Biles won the 4 world championship gold medals held in Nanning, China. The titles she won are the team championship, the beam, floor exercise apparatus finals, and the all-around individual title. She has countless unique skills that she has done very well from which you can see on gymnastics video; however, what sets her apart is the half out tumbling run double layout on the Floor exercise. As a 1st year senior in the year 2013, she stormed the international scene in the World Championships, being the first woman after Aliya Mustafina (2010) qualified for all the 4 events in finals, and place no lower than the fourth on any of them.
  2. Aliya Mustafina – She is a winner of 3 titles, the Floor, All-around, and Beam at the Russian Cup. She is also the winner of the Russian Championships in April. Her signature skills include the full transition on the Uneven Bars, triple turn with her leg at head, 2 whipbacks to the double front Arabian tumbling pass, which she competed all in 2013.
  3. Maria Kharenkova – She is first at the European Championships on the Balance Beam. On the gymnasticts video, she do the two whip backs into a triple full on the Floor Exercise, and she also do a beautiful layout on Balance Beam. After she won a pair of the junior title in Europe on the Floor and Beam in 2012, Maria Kharenkwa has been marked out to be the future leader of gymnastics team in Russia. After two years, she is still growing into her role on the senior team, but she is proving herself reliable and impressive, most especially on her best events.
  4. Larisa Iordache – She is the European Champion on the Floor Exercise. She is also the winner of four out of five titles at the Championships in Romania. Larisa Iordache is known for the outstanding skills on beam, which include an exceptional and full triple twist dismount, as well as expressive and lively dance on the Floor Exercise.
  5. Andrea Munteanu – If you would view gymnastics video, you will be able to see how she won the European team, as well as a champion in Romania on Balance Beam. Her signature skills include the excellent Beam routine surprising the Championships. Why she is on the list of the recent top gymnasts? She does a lot. For her, to win a medal on the signature apparatus at Romania for the national championship has been much more difficult as compared to winning a medal at the World Championship.

Viewing gymnastics video and knowing the recent news about the top gymnasts in the world will help in inspiring you to pursue your dream and passion. Get an inspiration from the top gymnasts and be one of them soon.

E-games- The Revolution

E-games- The Revolution

Some place inside Home front: E-games- The Revolution underneath the uneven framerate, the trite account, and the half-investigated mechanics that are hurriedly presented then overlooked pretty much as fast – exists a strong, artistic shooter. Every one of the fixings are there. It gives players a role as American resistance contenders – outmanned and outgunned, yet ingenious and versatile – which actually makes ready for both novel gameplay and brave political subjects. Tragically, Homefront doesn’t exactly convey on it is possible that one.

E-games- The Revolution

Its endeavors to investigate those political topics feel ungainly and shallow. Its mechanics grasp the crude way of guerilla battle, yet specialized inadequacies by and large compel you into simple run-and-gunning. The long story battle packs a lot of noteworthy minutes that follow through on the promising reason, however the amusement’s horde blemishes turn what could have been an exciting yet attentive shooter into a subordinate, average likewise kept running with serviceable shooting and a lot of hidden potential.

E-games- The Revolution
E-games- The Revolution

On the off chance that there’s one thing Homefront completely nails, nonetheless, its assortment. The diversion’s not so distant future adaptation of a possessed Philadelphia is broken into eight regions, each of which is huge, open, and spotted with many surrounding assignments like stations to catch and supply reserves to reveal. While these exercises remain to a great extent the same all through the amusement, the locale themselves shift both outwardly and in the play style they request. The principal range I encountered was essentially an open battle region rounded with besieged out structures and on-going firefights. In any case, later on, I ended up in a peaceful, tree-lined locale where UN holstering a weapon at the wrong time could mean moment demise on account of vigilant, very much furnished security officers.

Homefront additionally never compromises with regards to world building. When I was sent to capture a super weapon, I got the opportunity to see it in real life and revel in the volley of blasts. At the point when the involving armed force requested zeppelins to gas the whole city, I saw airships overhead as green haze filled the roads. Also, whenever my group of resistance pioneers expected to sort out another arrangement, there was a full (yet unskippable) cutscene showing the verbal confrontation. Homefront never inclines toward unfilled work; it effectively demonstrates to you the world and occasions encompassing the gameplay, and that, joined with the fluctuated locale, permeates the crusade with an unforeseen extravagance.

Sadly, the story hanging it all together falls flat on a few numbers. Most eminently, there’s no relatable legend, no generous plot advancement, and no discernable scalawag past the faceless, undeveloped involving armed force. You never see or hear hero Ethan Brady, and none of his activities suggest any sort of identity. He’s absolutely an unfilled vessel, keeping in mind that is fine, there’s insufficient other. There are three characters that stick with Ethan completely through, however you just collaborate with them between missions as they regret the most recent misfortune. While I developed some association with my companions, the vast majority of their exchange was trite activity motion picture talk.

The negligible plot is correspondingly bland. There’s no genuine bend to the account; rather, each new story beat is simply one more reason to send you on an errand for the sake of increasing some ground for the resistance. This sentiment running in circles stems, from the nonappearance of a conspicuous miscreant. Not each story needs a Darth Vader, but rather even the amusement’s most essential foe – the anecdotal Korean People’s Army- – remains a totally unique substance all through. You not even once hear a KPA officer talk. You’re never given any knowledge into their attitude. All you think about the KPA is you’re battling them, and honestly, it’s difficult to feel propelled to demolish an adversary you don’t know anything about- – particularly when the characters you’re planned to relate to always gush a not so subtle racial slur.

Homefront’s mechanics don’t do the crusade equity either. As a resistance contender confronted with unimaginable chances, it bodes well you’d depend on stealth and subterfuge, keeping in mind the diversion endeavors to suit that methodology, it additionally continually undermines itself. The greatest issue is basically the irregularity of discovery. More than once, I was spotted while completely disguised behind a divider. Different times, I would start shooting at one monitor just to cycle a corner and discover another person willfully ignorant of the discharges that rang out only minutes prior. Since you can never make certain if your endeavors at stealth will really work, it’s for the most part not by any means worth attempting.

These issues likewise stretch out to the diversion’s community part, which is separate from its story crusade. Outwardly, it can’t come close to the not too bad looking solo mode, however more awful still, it offers a sickly measure of substance: six 10-to 15-minute missions. You can choose any of three trouble levels, yet the goals and guide designs don’t change, which means the main motivation to replay the missions is to test yourself. There is a plunder carton framework that permits you to haphazardly open rigging from the crusade, yet you’ll have beaten every one of the six missions much sooner than you get sufficiently fortunate to gain the hardware you need.

Eventually, center adds little to the general bundle, which is a disgrace subsequent to Homefront unquestionably needs some assistance. Its significant story battle is amazingly rich and its shooting can be strained and fun, yet crazy stealth, an unfulfilling story, and an inconceivable zoological display of specialized deficiencies drag the general experience into disillusioning average quality.

Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round

Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round

Italy qualifies to the last 16 after Eder’s dazzling late goal sees Sweden off! Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round goal by Italy’s favorite Eder sealed their place in the knockout stages of Euro 2016 when they beat Sweden in the second Group E match in Toulouse on Friday.

Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round

Antonio Conte’s side entered the game knowing this fact in their minds that while a win guarantees them a place in the knockout stage, a draw would also suffice. Consequently, it was little to no surprise seeing the Italians sitting back and trying to reduce the space for Sweden’s lone wolf, Zlatan Ibrahimovic to operate in during an indeed very lack-lustre first half.

Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round
Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round

The Italians were the favorite of the masses even before kickoff began and they surely didn’t disappoint with their performance. With Sweden dominating possession of the ball in the first half of the match, they controlled almost 58% of the ball. Zlatan, as expected, was highly marked by the three back Italians and they consequently restricted them to only a few handful of opportunities – none of which eventually got converted into conviction!

Late Eder goal sends Italy through to the next round

The story of the game however turned out to be the astonishing miss by Ibrahimovic on the 72nd minute and that too, from just a yard out. After Marco Parolo had struck out the bar from Italy’s side, the game was considered settled with less than 2 minutes remaining when Eder came in from the left thus creating a space on the edge of box and curling a shot into the bottom corner!

With just one change in their team from their opening 2-0 victory against Belgium, Italy replaced right wing-back side Matteo Darmian with Alessandro Florenzi. The Italians however greatly struggled in breaking down Sweden’s defense and struggled to create an impressionable note.

Sweden’s manager, Erik Hamren had introduced John Guidetti along with Ibrahimovic in their startup so as to create some space for the Swedish Captain. But opportunities seemed farfetched as both teams had their game shut down during the first half. Ibrahimovic once managed to break through the defense though he was denied an early sight of goal because of an excellent covering clearance from Chiellini.

The game failed to live up in the second half as well although Italy did get a bit of clearance after the 62nd minute.

Martin Olsson:

The man from Norwegian city full-back continues to astound us and play like a world class player throughout this tournament. Exactly similar to the first time, Olsson turned out to be industrious for the entire length of the game, putting up impressive runs on the flank; despite being equally diligent at the backward positions.

Candreva hardly managed to put up an effect on the game and it was due in no minute parts to Olsson’s marvelous performance on the flanks. Although, it’s quite likely that he’ll be incredibly frustrated over conceding the final late goal.


The game was all about patience for Eder as it was evident from his goal in the very end. He never lost it throughout the game and his perseverance finally paid off in the final moments. Italy was aware of the fat that it was going to be difficult to break down Sweden as was evident from the team’s body language for major part of the game. Eder, being relentless, kept racing forward to grasp each opportunity. He did consistently make runs across the channels.

The final result? He ultimately scored a sensational winner that helped Italy bag a position in the last 16 and continue its 100% record in this tournament.

Sweden are likely to require a win over Belgium in their final fixtures at the Allianz Riviera in Nice to progress further in game.

5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play

5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play

5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play, Is it possible to live by playing video games? Definitely, it is possible!! There are so many people are living in this way only. Once upon a time, playing video games are only for fun and entertainment, but now it is one of the businesses where people can gain money by playing with cartoon characters.

If you’re interested in playing video games, then keep reading this article to know some of the games that paid you for playing.

5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play

Nowadays, there are so many video games and sports available in online to earn money. However, each game differs from others in terms playing strategy, characters, keywords, and like more. The most important thing is the theme of the game which surely varies from video game to video game.

5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play
5 Games You Can Get Paid to Play

But, most of the games are paid money for you to play. There are 2 ways to gain money from video games. Those are direct and indirect. Yes, you can get the source of income directly or indirectly from video games.

In an indirect way, you need to have technical knowledge to prepare the code for gaming and also it doesn’t come from certain games. Actually, you can gain from testing the game, blogging, and streaming.

In this section, I’m going to share some of the direct ways to gain money from video games. You can earn money in various ways by playing video games. Some games ask you to trade equipment that used to play and some require playing for coins or real money.

But, all those ways, you gain money from video games. Other games that don’t provide money to play are also there in online, so which games can pay for you to play? Here are 5 online video games, on which you can get paid to play.

#1: Team Fortress 2 & Dota 2

The Team Fortress 2 is one of the online video games which is mainly designed to sell cosmetics items. This is not a new idea to sell cosmetic items in the gaming market, but it works well and results in success.

In this game, you need to play to win the cosmetic items and can sale those items in the real world through any of the websites like e-bay. Item trading and workshop creation is the main part of this Team Fortress 2.

Actually, Dota 2 is a second money making online game that works as like as Team Fortress 2.

#3: Second life

Second life is one of the oldest games played for decades and by playing this game player can improve their economic life. In this game, players can earn real linden dollars. In order to gain linden dollars and exchange it for real money, you have to participate in various activities in the game.

There are more ways in this game to earn money like simply sitting on a chair, trading virtual real estate and so on.

#4: Entropia Universe

The Entropia Universe is also called as project Universe which involves hunting, missions, crafting and like more. From all these activities, you can get currencies. And, a currency that you gain this Entropia universe is called as project Entropia dollar. The best thing about this game is you can withdraw money directly from bank and economic of this game is same as real life.

#5: EVE online

Last but not least is EVE online which is totally differs from the above-listed video games. This is because you didn’t withdraw cash. But, if you play well and efficiently, then you can get this game for free.

These are the top 5 games that paid players to play.

Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies

Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies

Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies It is a sure fact now that by the hour, India’s Olympic contingent keeps on increasing. Top Indian judoku and South Asian Games gold medalist Avtar Singh has finally qualified for the Rio Olympic Games to be held in August 2016 in the under 90 kg weight category. This fabulous news was made available to the public by the national federation on last Saturday.

Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies

According to the list released by the International Judo Federation, it’s the continental quota under which Avtar has qualified, as stated by President of Judo Federation of India, Mr. Mukesh Kumar. Avtar hails from Gurdaspur in Punjab and before booking his ticket for Olympics, he worked (and currently does too) for the Punjab Armed Police.

Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies
Rio 2016: Indian Judoku Avtar Singh qualifies

In an interview, he claimed that he isn’t nervous about doing well on perhaps, the biggest stage for sports worldwide. He also said, “I didn’t expect this (being selected for Olympics). It doesn’t matter if I lose or win, I know I have trained hard and I shall give my 100 percent. I promise to do well for the sake of my country and I just want to give my best”.

On Monday, the International Judo Federation (IJF) had communicated Avtar’s qualifications to the Judo Federation of India (JFI). It is known now that he is one of the only two Asian judokas in the under 90 kg category to secure the continental quota, as aforementioned, for the Rio Games.


As it turned out, Avtar wasn’t really kidding about the “I didn’t expect this” part of his interview. Born on 3rd of April, 1992, Avtar was raised in Kothe Ghurala village where he spent most of his time working on the farms. As he grew, he lacked not only financial support, but an organizational support as well. His parents cashed out their fixed deposits so as to book a ticket to the Samsun Grand Prix in Turkey (April 2016) for Avtar. He told that it was extremely difficult (to qualify) and the support from the Federation (JFI) was on and off for him- sometimes they did while sometimes they didn’t. Besides his parents, Avtar got a humongous amount of support from his colleagues, JSW Sports, his coach Yashpal Solanki along with a few local coaches in his hometown, Gurdaspur.


He proudly represented India at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland. He was unluckily defeated in the men’s middleweight event by the silver medalist in the event, Matthew Purssey of Scotland itself, in the round of 16. Another shocking revelation about his career shows that he took part in just six events from 2015 until May 2016. These problems he faced were because of the Indian Federation and in getting funds which forbade him in travelling to subsequent tournaments eventually. At the South Asian Games (2016) held in India, Avtar Singh finally took part in the 90 kg category. Defeating Md Jahangir Alam of Bangladesh and Sanjay Maharjan of Nepal, he was able to reach the final stage. He stood against Mohammad Kakar of Afghanistan where he defeated him shockingly within 49 seconds and won the gold medal. Later at the Asian Judo Championships (in Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2016), he reached the semi finals where he lost to Komronshokh Ustopiriyon from Tajikistan. Later he defeated Saeed Moradi from Iran (during repcharge round) and finally lost bout to Chinese judoka Xunzhao Cheng to finally bag the 6th position.

His results from the 2016 participations have made his current world ranking from 200th up to 79 (with a total of 182 points), which made him high enough to bag the Asian continental qualification quota.

Avtar wants to emulate his only role model, the legendary Indian runner Milkha Singh, in making his country proud. Only time will tell if he does…

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory, Indeed a brave effort was put up by the Zimbabweans but it wasn’t enough for them to win the third match of their first T20 International series. With this loss of Zimbabwe, India claimed the series with an overall 2 – 1 victory against the team. Zimbabwe team still have quite a few matches coming their way in the near future while the Indian team travels to West Indies for a 4-test series due in July.

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory

Kedar Jadhav became the Man of the Match for his brilliant 58 (his first half-century) of 42 balls. His stupefying score took India to 138 which was indeed a moderate score but eventually turned out to be more than just enough. Also, the last over proved out to be quite costly with a yield of 16 runs. The second highest scorer was Rahul making 22 of 20 balls.

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory
India pockets the Series after an exciting victory

In bowling figures, Kulkarni took two valuable wickets by giving 23 runs. He took out Sibanda while Axar removed Masakadza. Barinder was second most economical by taking 2 wickets as well at the cost of 31. Chahal proved out to the most expensive of them all giving 32 runs of his four overs. Sran literally gave away his wicket in the final over. The Indian bowlers made an extreme bounce variation on the pitch, thus restricting the batting side and kept them second guessing.

India pockets the Series after an exciting victory in cricket

The hosts began with a quick start, which was accelerated and spurred on by the chantings of the supporters in crowd. Sibanda along with Masakadza was able to establish a strong partnership of 40-run runs for the second wicket, although they were literally racking in the runs in spurts. There, however came a moment during the match when victory for Zimbabwe didn’t seem so farfetched and they took on a war-patch destroying each move of the Indian bowlers. However their dismissal brought India back in game.

On the Zimbabwean side, middle order proved out to be an average support. Waller, Moor and Chigumbura, each tried to hold the fort to their best but failed miserably as a consequence of the pressure of the run chase they had to face. They needed 21 of the last over, but the impatient Chigumbura and Maruma made a fist of it, and with the help of Sran, India not only pocketed the match, but also wrote the series in their name.

Triumphant Indian captain, MS Dhoni said after the match that games in such format are often stretched till the very end. Praising Zimbabwe’s effort, he admits it was indeed a close win and that Zimbabwe still requires a more experienced team to have a bright future. Showing his discontent over not being able to bat the entire series, Dhoni is extremely pleased with the outcome. Expressing his content over the bowling side, it seems there is still a demand for seam players. He further added on saying that the bowlers indeed are prepared to face the test formats as well as the shorter formats. In his belief, such close cut matches provide players with ample of experience.

The Zimbabwean skipper, Graeme Crème credited India with a stupendous performance along with his happiness over his team’s performance. He expressed his pleasure over the fact how close his team was to winning and how beautifully the team performed in their victorious T20I match. He said he was looking forward to play a lot many games of each genre so as to enhance his team’s abilities furthermore.

Man of the series, Barinder Sran expressed his confidence over his ability for overcoming the 20 runs needed in their last over. However for him, things didn’t proceed accordingly which required him to change his plans.

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016), In yet another exciting turn of events, the match played between Portugal and Hungary on Wednesday ended as a draw with each team scoring three goals.

As always, the “penalty-area predator” of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, embraced his habitual position on the ground of carrying the load of the match single-handedly when others shrunk, thus ensuring that his jittery team was able to scrap out the much needed draw against Brend Storck’s Hungary.

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

The Hungarians thus win Group F, and quite deservedly so, after that exciting game befitting the shockingly scorching heat in Lyon. Despite everything, Ronaldo’s top billing is equally merited even after his two-goal salvo. He has set a record breaking tournament appearance of 17 here, which is indeed a tribute to his brilliance which is unparalleled thanks to his incredible perseverance.

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)
Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

As soon as the match opened up, Portugal, which has never lost in the previous 10 games with Magyars (dating back to 1926), were in quite a bit of trouble after Hungary’s initial meaningful attack. On the edge of the area, a corner was steered clear to Zoltan Gera and the former west player Bromwich Albion long with Fulham as midfielder had enough time and space to shoot it down and hit a delightful half-volley past Rui Patricio, the goalkeeper. This 37 year old exclaims it to be “one of his best shot” after the game. Things got much worse for Portugal after the initial Goal of Gera, when Patricio sprawled to the block from Akos Elek (after four minutes) and the defense expected an offside that never went down. Along with their humongous support, by half-hour, the Hungarians were literally knocking the ball merrily to “oles”.

Soon, Ronaldo reprised his role as that of a frustrated figure of Portugal’s opening two matches, and shot down a pair of the stereotype free-kick shots; the former was pushed away quite easily by Gabor Kiraly, while the latter looped harmlessly over the goalpost’s crossbar. Against all odds however, he emerged yet again in the unlikely role of provider and in the 42nd minute with his shrewd pass cutting down four defenders and thus allowing Nani, one of Portugal’s most ferocious players in first half, to chest down the equalizer past Kiraly.

At break, midfielder Renato Sanches replaced Joao Moutinho, but this hardly elevated the situation. Balazs Dzsudzsak, Hungary’s captain, curled out a free-kick towards the goal that took a great deflection off the shoulder of Andre Gomes and flew right past Ptricio. Just at he first half’s end, Hungary reclaimed its advantage with Gergo Lovensics, shooting into the side-netting. To their shock, Portugal equalized the score hardly a minute later, after Ronaldo struck a tiny “rabona finish” to the right wing cross of Joao Mario.

It was merely inches that prevented Nani from giving Portugal yet another lead when Dzsudzsak struck a shot similar to his initial goal, and smashing a lefty in a deflection off Nani after the free kick was charged down. Santos then made an important change, replacing Gomes by Ricardo Quaresma. His impact was indeed instant when Besiktas winger gave Ronaldo a simple header via a beautiful cross from the left. It occurred now that Santos’ team could only end this humiliation by playing in Hungary’s half, hence both Quaresma and Ronaldo took the responsibility of putting their team in front again.

As the game entered its last 10 minutes, Santos replaced Nani with an overly defensive Danilo Pereira, with the belief that a point would see his own side whatever might come. Consequently, the game concluded in a draw when neither of the teams were able to point a gal in the extra time.

Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia

Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia

Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia, Defending European Champions Spain looks to progress into next stage winning all their matches in the group stage when it will face upset-minded Croatia in the final match of Group D Tuesday at Nouveau Stade Bordeaux.

Vicente del Bosque’s side started their campaign with a 1-0 win over the Czech Republic, then they defeated Turkey 3-0 in their second match. Spain has now tied with another favourite France for most goals in the tournament so far. Spain will have one more chance to improve their standing for the Round of 16.

Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia

If Spain wins over Croatia, it will bring them among all nations with a pass completion rate of 92 percent, the top seeding for the next round. This will strengthen their determination to win the Euro title for a third successive time.
Spain has already qualified for the knockout stage. If they also win this match, they will advance as group winners and if they lost then will finish second.

Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia
Will Spain remain unbeaten against Croatia

This will be a do or die game for Croatia. He is currently on the second place with four points. A loss against Spain will end their chances of lifting the trophy at Euro 2016.

A victory over Spain will mean they win the group. But if they lose, or draw, they will finish second if the Czech Republic fails to win against Spain.


In the last match against the Czech Republic, midfielder Luka Modric injured his groyne and is very unlikely to be available for Croatia, according to Croatia’s team doctor.

Another player from Croatia is also injured as centre-back Vedran Corluka is doubtful after aggravating a head wound against the Czechs.

Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque could rotate his squad against Croatia, with their place in the last 16 already assured.



  • Spain have lost just one of five matches against Croatia and that one loss due to Roberto Prosinecki and Davor Suker on target in a 2-0 win in Valencia in 1994.
  • The last meet against Croatia was during the group stage at Euro 2012. Jesus Navas helped Spain to register a 1-0 win – eliminating the Croats from the Euro 2012.


  • Croatia has scored in their last 11 games at the European Championship except in their 1-0 defeat by Spain in 2012.
  • In their first two games at Euro 2016, the Croatian players have attempted 20 more shots than their opponents but have scored only one more goal.
  • At Euro 2008, Croatia has defeated Poland 1-0, the only game that they won ever at a major tournament.
  • Ivan Perisic is the impact for Croatia. He has been involved in two of team’s last five goals at the Euro (one goal, one assist).
  • A new Croatian record will be registered because Captain Darijo Srna will be playing his 17th game at a major tournament.


  • Any opponent has not beaten Spain in last 14 games at the European Championship (W11, D3).
  • Talking about their defence in their last 11 games at Euro, Spain has only conceded one goal.
  • 177 successful passes made by Andres Iniesta at Euro 2016, more than any other Spain player.



  • Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Rico, David de Gea
  • Defenders: Marc Bartra, Hector Bellerin, Jordi Alba, Gerard Pique, Cesar Azpilicueta, Juanfran
  • Midfielders: Sergio Busquets, Koke, Cesc Fabregas, Mikel San Jose, Thiago Alcantara, Bruno Soriano, Andres Iniesta,
  • Forwards: Nolito, Alvaro Morata, David Silva, Lucas Vazquez, Aritz Aduriz, Pedro.


Goalkeepers: Lovre Kalinic, Ivan Vargic, Danijel Subasic

  • Defenders: D Srna, V Corluka, S Vrsaljko, D Vida, Ivan Strinic, G Schildenfeld, T Jedvaj
  • Midfielders: M Kovacic, Luka Modric, I Rakitic, M Brozovic, I Perisic, M Rog, Milan Badelj, A Coric
  • Forwards: Nikola Kalinic, M Mandzukic, Marko Pjaca, A Kramaric, Duje Cop
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