Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16

Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16

Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16, The Wales were heartbroken with the lost against England in the dying minutes of the game, but regrouped and played brilliantly against a strong Russia (the same Russia that had denied the English team to a victory in their first match). This will be the night that will always live in the minds of the Wales fan as they destroyed Russia and topped their group leaving England second. This win means Wales will face a weaker opposition going into the round of 16 and thus have a brilliant chance of advancing into quarterfinals.

Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16

This will be Wales’s first appearance in the knockout stages of any international tournament since 1958 when they went to the quarter-final of the world cup. The match started with the Wales boss Coleman gambled by playing Aaron Ramsey in an advanced position and replacing his first choice striker Hal Robsan-Kanu with the Burnley man Sam Vokes that absolutely worked in the Wales way. Aaron Ramsey deployed in an advance role restored the faith of his coach by scoring a beautifully clipped goal. The second goal came from a surprise man Taylor, who was completely unmarked by the Russian back line and scored with his second attempt  and then bale rounded off the proceedings by scoring a third one.

Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16
Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales cruised into round of 16

Wales vs. Russia: How the dominative Wales

Bale is the one man army

What a fairy tale, it has been for the Welsh team coming into their first EUROS after a 58 long year wait and the hero of this fairy tale is Gareth bale. He was the leading scorer for them in the qualifying scoring seven goals and has come in the same form into the Euros scoring in all the three matches for his team. The real Bale was not seen in the first two matches as he had an ordinary performance, according to his own standard even after scoring two goals, but this was a different day for the Real Madrid juggernaut as he blasted away Russia with his stunning performance. Gareth bale is truly the greatest player that Wales ever produced and if it turns out to be a Wales year at the Euros then it will surely be possible as because it was a Gareth bale’s year at the Euros.

Aaron Ramsey was pitch perfect

Yeah, Wales tormented Russia with a master class performance and everybody is praising bale for this, but the real hero of the last night was the Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey who just was a master class against the Russian team. He was the one who started the scoring with a thing of beauty, a clipped goal and then worked well with the freedom that he was given to attack. He was not a shadow to Gareth bale as he worked well and was even better then bale sometimes.

Wales are not just a number now

When Wales qualified for the Euros, it was historic but everyone looked upon them as they have made history but no one considered Wales as a threat in Euros, but all those who underestimated the welsh team credentials will be surely thinking of them as a threat even for the so called bigger giants. After 58 years of absence they have not come into the international tournament to be just a number rather than they want to give their fans moments of joy.

Group leader Wales

Wales were in danger to be thrown out of the Euros after a last minute loss against England, but they soon turned their fortunes as they are now at six points which make them a point above England as group leader that will surely be advantageous as they will not have to face a stronger team thus greatly increases their chances to advance through the Quarter finals.

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again, The three lions wasted the chance to stay on top of the group as they were held by Slovakia. England team showed some hope after their impressive display against the Wales team where they dominated and won the match, but this match was a complete contrast to the game against Wales. England had some chances, wasted by their attack and was increasingly frustrated by the Slovakian backline. The Slovakian goalkeeper also produced some good saves which resulted in another stalemate at this year Euros.

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

England had better chances of scoring as Jamie Vardy’s shot was brilliantly saved by the Slovakian number one. Delle alli’s late effort was also blocked by Martin Skertel and this outcome made them second in the group table that makes their Euros journey much harder as they can face Portugal in their round of 16 encounters.

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again
Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Gambles don’t always work

Though it was a gamble too to make Roy Hodgson as the England manager and has also didn’t worked well for the three lions so far and same was the story of last match. Roy was highly praised for his antics in the last match where he made a gamble by introducing Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge, both of them changed the course of the match. Roy Hodgson pretty confident because of his last match gambles working gambled again by introducing 6 new players in the starting lineup. The move strongly backfired as England was not able to create an opening and thus stalled their momentum which they acquired in the win against Wales. He introduced Wilshire in the Medfield in place of Wayne Rooney and changed both the wingback and brought in both the goal scores from their last match but it became pretty awkward as Jack Wilshire was wayward and Daniel Sturridge and Lallana were also introduced in unfamiliar roles.

Jack Wilshire is not up to the standard

Well saying this is a bit too hard, but this supremely talented lad’s performance reflected this. This was not Wilshire’s fault, how can you expect from a player to replace your captain and man of the match for the last two matches and specially a player who has not played a single match of competing for more than a year. His selection was completely unjustified as there were some better players than him and his performance reflected the same.

Eric Dier is the real deal for England at the Euros

He has been a constant performer for England and especially at the Euros he has impressed me a lot not only with his free kick skill from which he scored a goal against Russia, but also with the all round performance and was having a man of the match performance last night and if he continues to show in the form like he has done so far then England stand a real chance to advance to the quarter finals.

There is still hope for Slovakia

Though Slovakia lost the game and came in the third position, but this doesn’t mean that they are eliminated from the tournament. They stand a real chance to qualify for the round of 16 with four points in hand, but have to wait till the group stage is over.

England could have a tough road ahead

Finishing second is not at all good for a team like England and this puts them in grave danger as they will face a second placed team which may be Portugal too. Facing a tough challenge of Portugal will definitely torment England hopes of advancing as they are an elite team blessed with some great talents and are just one win away from being confident



How many of you are die hard fans of Cristiano Ronaldo? Well I am. 19th June’s UEFA match between Portugal and Austria garnered the attention of many football enthusiasts. The match ended with a draw at 0-0 but it was an extremely dull moment for team Portugal. The reason for this was that Ronaldo missed the spot kick against Austria. We do not expect people to lose much of their heart as the ultimate result of the match was neutral. However, it is a depressing moment for the person who is considered to be solely responsible for the loss of the team. Hence, Ronaldo was inconsolable despite the continuous attempts of different people. Nani had held out his two palms as a gesture of sympathy. But Cristiano , not wanting any sympathy, just shoved hime away.



If football justice would have correctly prevailed, then the spot kick which Cristiano had watched bounce off the left side upright and away, would have scraped through into the net as it was given when defender Martin tried to rugby-tackle Ronaldo to the ground. But as all football enthusiasts know, football margins can be small and they recede when a team is entirely dependent on one single player, which in this case happened to be Ronaldo. At the beginning of the match, during the National Anthem, Ronaldo had closed his eyes and waved an arm around. It felt as if it was an out of the body experience for him, thus proving his love for his nation and his team. He left no stone unturned to make Portugal win. It is much obvious from a deep conversation he had with the referee during the second half to a complete show of his repertoire.


We can give full points to his fitness levels. He knew he had not shown is mettle at the last World Cup. This thus prompted him to move past Luis Figo as the most-capped player of Portugal.  Austria played it hard on Portugal from the very beginning when Marcel had put his “welcome to Paris” strategy. There were many interventions for Ronaldo before the ball came his way. There was Stefan reaching out in front of Ronaldo. I guess he was just trying to prove his worth which was just not required. Because of this intervention, Ronaldo failed to take the ball back to the goal. The simple rule of any game is to trust the person who has more skills than you and help him fight the battle against the opponent team but it seems that Ronaldo has an opponent in his own team. The game was reaching its half hour slot when Nani released Raphael Guerrel to pull back Ronaldo. By then Ronaldo had tried to spin a shot from his right instep but he failed miserably.


Nani’s goal was easily blocked by Aimer. Just five minutes later, gathering all his power and energy, Nani headed against the left pool from an Andre Gomes cross and  made a foul. Finally, when Cristiano appeared to have finally reached the net, few minutes after the penalty was declared, he was standing around two yards off side. He was indifferent to the opposing goalkeeper but the goalkeeper definitely had other intentions. He was very much interested in his opponent. This is where Ronaldo made his mistake. He failed to size his opponent just as he had done after the Iceland draw.

All we can do is pray for Portugal to win the match against Hungary. We hope that Ronaldo conquers his weak point. We must also hope that team Portugal just gets a bit more responsible and stop relying solely on one human. Ronaldo’s performance has been flawless but to burden his shoulders with unsurmountable pressure is just not correct. The pressure needs to be evenly spread on each and every member. We know he is a star player but after all he is just a human.

Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts

Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts, It was a Cristiano Ronaldo show as he dragged his team into the finals with his spectacular antics. Ronaldo was back to his goal scoring exploits against Hungary when he scored two fabulous goals for his team. Portugal were largely unconvincing even though they had a very experienced backline but conceded three goals against a mediocre team like Hungary which demanded a heroic performance by any Portugal player and in stepped Cristiano Ronaldo. Though this was a draw, but this booked their place in the Euros knockouts. The Iceland win meant that they qualified as one of the top four 3rd placed team that is not according to the potential of this wonderful talented team.

Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts

Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts
Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts

Though on the previous two occasions Portugal were devoid of the goals, but this match was a goal feast for them and Portugal came from being a goal down thrice that showed their character or I would say Cristiano Ronaldo’s character. This was arguably the game that we all were waiting for as Portugal had everything on the line. Hungary came into the lead with a superb goal form Zoltan Gera that was cancelled by Nani’s strike which was a result of a Ronaldo’s assist, a rare occasion and then in the second half Hungary’s skipper came up with a blasting performance scoring two goals that resulted in Hungary’s lead twice but was equally matched by the magnificent Ronaldo who score tow equalizing goals and simply dragged his team into the knockouts.

Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts
Portugal vs Hungary: Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics see Portugal through to the knockouts

Superman Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was hugely criticized for his last match performances where he missed golden chances by missing a penalty that should have won the game for Portugal. Ronaldo responded to all those criticism with his performances last night where he came up with two glorious goals and one assist that booked Portugal’s sport into the knockouts where they will face Croatia. Though Cristiano Ronaldo was wayward with his free kicks for whom he his largely known, but when it came to scoring goals, he come up with style. These goals make Cristiano Ronaldo, the only player to score at four consecutive Euros and are one goal away from leveling the goal tally of Michael Platinti for the most goals ever by a player at the Euros. If Cristiano Ronaldo retains this sort of form into the knockouts then Portugal can deal with the Croatian threat with ease.

Hungry surprised everyone

At the start of the Euros no one would have ever predicted that Hungary will qualify as group toppers piping Portugal. Though Portugal somehow managed to progress into the finals, but it was Hungary’s team who were a dominating team that made the Portugal struggle as for the most part of the game they were behind in the match and never really came up into the lead or any chance. The Hungary team had marginal possession in the game, but still managed to score three goals that too against the mighty Portugal defense that has some heavy experience in its ranks. The team looks united and spirited and could be a good bet to book a place in the last 8.

Tough road ahead of Portugal

Yeah, even though, came out from a defeat to qualify for the Euros knockouts, but there was nothing to fancy about form this Portugal team except Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal who struggled to stay in the match against a much smaller team will have a tough test in the name of Croatia who qualified as group leaders by beating Spain. This could be a really hard test for Portugal as Croatia is considered as the dark horses of the competition.

How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton?

How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton?

How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton? is a clamor sport like to Tennis that can play separately or with the pair and it is most common in Sri Lanka, India, China, Canada and the UK.  This sport includes beating the shuttlecock with your clamor from one challenger to the other with the impartial of keeping the shuttlecock on high and not hire it hit the ground when it comes from to your side of the net.

How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton?

Players can only use one swipe to success the shuttlecock over the net to their challenger’s side and the thing of the game is to score 21 points first, with each winning gathering including as 1 point.  For each round is played in a greatest of three series and the first player that effectively victories two sets of 21 points is confirmed the winner of the whole game.

How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton?
How to Wager On Online Gambling Badminton?

The best common types of gambles that are hired on Badminton games are straight up gambles where you preference an outright victor of the competition in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets.  The chances are most commonly format in number form and will show the players along with the particular chances of each charming that specific game.

Online Badminton Gambling:

The online gambling is an unfamiliar region in India. The government of Sikkim had spiced over the idea of introduction online betting sites in 2010, but the hint did not work out. While Sikkim has an online draw, it hasn’t extended into the area of online sports gambling.

Additionally, in May 2011, India distributed the Federal Information Technology Act, which efforts to avert its citizens from registration at online sports gambling sites by creating ISPs accountable for released offshore betting sites. Though, this does not prepare smart offshore badminton gambling sites from pointing the Indian market nor does it avert online bettors from India registration at these sites.

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Badminton Gambling Dealings:

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Typically, online sports offer badminton match plans, names of players contributing in each competition, and their chances of winning or losing. Sportsbooks offer extra money for players who have a lower gamble of winning and less money for the preferred player. Though, the preferred players need not essentially victory the competition. Nowadays, thoughtful the badminton fans wait for topmost badminton happenings such as the Badminton World Federation Super Series and the World Tournament, which are played yearly.

Here is a list of main badminton dealings:

  • Olympics
  • Badminton World Federation (BWF)
  • Super Sequence
  • World Tournaments

Italy vs Ireland: Ireland becomes the fourth British team to qualify for the knockouts

Italy vs Ireland: Ireland becomes the fourth British team to qualify for the knockouts Ireland claimed a dominating win over the group leaders Italy to book their place in the knockouts. This historic win has put the Irish draw with the hosts in the round of 16. It was a brilliant performance form the Irish lads over the first place assured Italy, who came into the match with many changes. These changes proved costly for Italy as they were not able to dominate the game like usual and suffered the defeat.

Italy vs Ireland: Ireland becomes the fourth British team to qualify for the knockouts

Italy vs Ireland: Ireland becomes the fourth British team to qualify for the knockouts
Italy vs Ireland: Ireland becomes the fourth British team to qualify for the knockouts

The winning goal for Ireland came in the 85th minute when the industrious Robbie Brady scored a memorable goal that he will always remember. Though this could have been a much dominated scenario, if Ireland would have been awarded the penalty that they deserved when Federcio Bernardeschi brought down James McClean but still didn’t affect the result as Ireland came up with the winning goal. Here are the player’s rated-


Darren Randolph – 6

The Irish number 1 had nothing to do as the center back duo of Ireland team covered their goal brilliantly.

Seamus Coleman – 6

The Everton man came up with some good performance both in the defense and attack, but was troubled by


Shane Duffy – 8

This lad came up with a brilliant and a master class performance for his team as he was commanding and cleared some good aerial troubles.

Richard Keogh – 7

Partnered brilliantly with the Shane Duffy and completely justified his selection by the Irish boss.

Stephen Ward – 5

It was a Poor performance form this guy up front. Did a decent job on defense, but was wayward with his crosses that didn’t troubled Italian defenders a bit.

James McCarthy – 7

He was the architect of the Irish attack and did a master class job for his team. The Irish attack couldn’t flourish if he didn’t perform so well.

Jeff Hendrick – 8

Brilliant performance from this lad and tested the Italian defense twice and his deliveries for Brady proved to be crucial.

James McClean – 7

Another shining star in the Irish wins and should have deserved the penalty which referee completely neglected.

Robbie Brady – 8

The lad won the heart with his brilliant, energetic performance which was capped by a brilliant goal.

Shane Long – 7

He played like a warrior for the Irish team in the tug of war with the Italian defenders.

Daryl Murphy – 6

He posed a threat for the Italian team but was not brilliant enough like the others in the attack.


Salvatore Srgu – 4

Poor performance by the Italian second choice goalkeeper and had poor deliveries too.

Andrea Barzagli – 6

The defensive midfielders shielded him well in the first two matches, but were exposed this time and did a little to prove himself.

Leonardo Bonucci – 5

Failed to deliver in the absence of his partner in crime and struggled to adapt to the role given to him.

Angelo Ogbonna – 6

Had freedom to explode and did well to deal with the Irish pace.

Federico Bernardeschi – 5

Very ordinary performance from this lad and was the reason why the Irish team flourished down the right flank.

Stefan Sturaro -5

He performed well, according to his standards, but Italy needed rather something special.

Thiago Motta – 5

A lot was expected from him and failed to deliver according to his standards.

Alessandro Florenzi -5

Italy’s Medfield looked ordinary as because of his poor performance and was not able to produce anything special.

Matteo De Sciglio – 5

Brilliantly protected the right flank, but was poor in the attack.

Simon Gaza – 6

Tried his best and did work, but only on few occasion otherwise was ordinary.

Ciro Immobile – 6

Seemed promising, would have flourished if his teammate granted him some support.

India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series

India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series

India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series, The cricketing world was shocked with the Indian team’s loss to the Zimbabwe which was unexpected, even with the youth team because the same team white washed Zimbabwe in the ODI series. The Indian youth brigade marked a strong comeback in the series with a sounding win of 10 wickets and that makes the third t20 match all interesting cause everything would be at stake.

India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series

The Indian team was criticized for their poor performance, but was completely dominant in the third T20 international. This was a completely different day for the Indian team as the bowlers restricted Zimbabwe to marginal of 99 and the Indian opening order chased it with 47 balls to spare without even taking hits. This was the first 10 wicket win for India in the T20 internationals, thanks to the commanding bowling performance combined with a superb stand by the Indian opening pair.

India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series
India vs. Zimbabwe: how the Indian youth brigade marked their comeback in the series

Rahul comes back to his best

K l Rahul had a horror start to his T20 international carrier coming into Zimbabwe as he was out for a duck and was largely criticized for his lackluster performance. This was a complete different story as he starred and partnered with his counterpart to make a 100+ stand that is the second highest by the Indian openers in the T20s. This knock will surely bring the confidence back into the Karnataka batsman who was the highest run getter in the one day series in Zimbabwe and the knock of 47 runs truly proved so.

Mandeep seizes the opportunity

It was a perfect opportunity for Mandeep Singh to shine as he was not selected for the ODI series and he didn’t disappoint scoring a brilliant half century. Though this can be labeled as an easier condition to score, but still it was a brilliant knock. He also made 31 in his first T20 and was one of the few shining Indian stars in that match and that boosted him the confidence to score more. He was not at all troubled by the Zimbabwe bowling line- up and slowly developed his inning to give India a 10 wicket victory.

Barinder saran proved to be a difference in the bowling

One player that stands out in the bowling department was Barinder saran who wrecked havoc and completely wiped off the top order of the Zimbabwe team with ease and proved to be a difference from the last match. He started the first with the first over and then the fifth over the inning hit Zimbabwe hard where they lost three wickets in a single over. Then it proved to be nothing but a struggle for the host who kept on losing wickets at regular intervals.

Bumrah once again comes up with a great performance

If it was a Saran who knocked off the Zimbabwe’s top order, then Bumrah was the man who completed the proceedings by knocking down the tail Enders, which included a bowled Chigumbura who was the hero of the last match. Bumrah was deadly consistent with his Yorkers that troubled the Zimbabwe batsman and were not able to deal with the constant lurking threat of Bumrah.

Impressive Chahal

The leg spinner tipped for great things was back to his basics as he gain bowled an impressive spell and took one wicket and was quite economical. This was another impressive performance from the RCB man ad he took the fifth wicket in the Zimbabwe’s inning.

No Chigumbura show this time

One man that rescued Zimbabwe last time around was Elton Chigumbura but was not able to again deliver a brilliant performance and take his team to commanding total and was bowled by Bumrah.

This wins levels the series and now the winner will be decided on the third and last T20 international. Whether the youth brigade will come up with another commanding win or can Zimbabwe snatch it from their grasp is yet to be seen.

Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series

Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series, India named the series after winning the third t20 match against Zimbabwe by three runs. Kedar Jadhav’s half-century and bowler’s effort helped India to win two consecutive series in a row.

Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series

Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series
Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series

Winning the toss, Zimbabwe astonished everyone with their decision to bowl first. Though Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also happy since he wanted to bat first.

Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series
Kedhar Jadhav’s fifty in the final T20 proved crucial as India won the match and the series

KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh walked out to bat first and Chatara started the proceeding for Zimbabwe with a maiden over.

India lost his first wicket as Mandeep Singh was mishit Donald Tiripano and bowl went to Timycen Maruma’s hands. India 20/1.

India has added just seven runs on the scoreboard and KL Rahul was bowled out by Madziva. Rahul, who was the player of the series, went back scoring 22 runs. India 27/2

The next batsman Manish Pandey came in and gone for a golden duck, as he was run by Elton Chigumbura. India 27/3

It was a nice start by Zimbabwe picking up three important wickets inside the powerplay. After the end of the powerplay, India was 29/3.

Ambati Raydu and Kedar Jadhav was taking singles and doubles and both move to 20s. Meanwhile, Jadhav’s catch was Masakadza.

Captain Cremer strikes for Zimbabwe as Rayudu goes big but finds the fielder in the deep. India 76/4.

Skipper MS Dhoni came to bat after Rayudu’s wicket. Tiripano took another wicket, this time, it was MS Dhoni was caught and bowled by him. India 93/5.

Kedar Jadhav hit two consecutive boundaries and scored a much need half-century for India.

Tiripano took his third wicket of the match. Kedar Jadhav was played a mishit which went straight to Elton Chigumbura. He was gone scoring 58 runs off 42 balls. India 122/6.

Axar Patel hit a six and end of the batting, India finished 138/6.

Jadhav was the highest scorer for the India with his 58 runs, KL Rahul scored 22, Ambati Rayudu hit 22 runs and a good innings at the end by Axar Patel hitting 20 runs off 11 balls.

Donal Tiripano sent three Indian batsman to the pavilion, Chibhabha and Cremer took one wicket each.

It was not a big total for Zimbabwe who scored 170+ runs in the first T20 but need to keep the patience.

Chibhabha and Hamilton Masakadza opened the innings for the host team.

Barinder Sran continued his good form and took the first wicket for India, Chibhabha hits the Sran delivery straight to Yuzvendra Chahal who takes a brilliant catch. Zimbabwe 17/1.

Vusi Sibanda came into bat with different mood hit three consecutive boundaries in Kulkarni’s over.

Zimbabwe did not lose any more wicket and scored 40 runs at the loss of one wicket at the end of the powerplay.

The host lost another one as Masakadza sweeps, misses and is trapped in front by Axar Patel. Zimbabwe 57/2.

Kulkarni was brought back after his expensive previous over and LBW bowled the dangerous man Sibanda. Zimbabwe 60/3.

Chahal gets his first man as Moor hits one to Mandeep Singh. Fourth wicket for the host.

The match now is heading towards an exciting finish. The host Zimbabwe needed another 48 runs from 31 balls to win the match as well as the series.

Zimbabwe reached the 100 mark on the 17th but it’s getting difficult for them now. Waller looks to clear short third-man on Kulkarni’s delivery but failed and Bumrah completed the catch. Zimbabwe 104/5

Zimbabwe needed 21 runs in last over to win the match, series. Barinder Sran was called to bowl the final over.

Maruma hit the first ball to a maximum. Zimbabwe needed 15 from 5 now.

Single on the second ball. Sran bowled a no-ball and conceded a four and bowled next two dot balls.

Four runs needed from the final over but Zimbabwe couldn’t clear the ropes and India won the match by three runs as well as the series.

India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter

India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter

The Indian youth brigade struggled, but won the thrilling encounter defeating Zimbabwe and in the process clinched the series 2-1. The Indian team was criticized for their lackluster performance in the opening match but came back strong after that by winning back to back matches. The second match was a one sided encounter but it was a completely different story in the last match where the game went to the last ball and India won it when Yuzvendra Chahal clinched the catch of the Zimbabwe skipper India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter. The Indian team was not convincing though and showed some lackluster performance, but were lucky enough to come victorious after the end of 40 over’s.

India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter

India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter
India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20: How the Players fared in the thrilling encounter

Zimbabwe won the toss and invited the Indian team to bat, which soon turned out to be a good decision when Indian team lost their three wickets quickly and had the least number of run scored ever by India in the power play. In stepped Kedar Jadhav a guy from which nothing much was expected but turned into an unlikely hero for the Indian team with his superb knock of 58 which took India to a challenging total of 138. Zimbabwe came up with a solid start, but the middle order collapsed in quick succession that resulted in the last over action where Zimbabwe wanted 21 runs to win. Barinder saran came in to bowl it and the Zimbabwe team smashed 17 runs from the 5 balls that made the match nervy again, but Chigumbura couldn’t produce anything special from the last ball as the ball went straight into the safe hands of Chahal who clinched it with ease which officially made India the winner of the series. This win marked the end of a successful ODI and T20 tour in Zimbabwe, where the India tested their bench strength which didn’t disappoint and performed well. Here are the ratings from the last match play

India vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20

KL Rahul – 6

Started his inning with promise and patience, but soon faded trying to experiment a shot a lot different from his style.

Mandeep Singh – 5

The lad played brilliantly in the last two matches, but was poor in the final T20 where he gifted his wicket quite early in the game.

Ambati Raydu – 6

The Mumbai Indian batsmen tried to anchor the inning and were successful too, but soon fall prey while trying to increase the run rate.

Manish Pandey – 4

When India lost wicket early in the match, all eyes were on Pandey to play the role of savior but was very careless with his wicket.

Kedar Jadhav – 9

Superb knock by the unlikely hero of the last match, anchored the inning just when he was needed that too with a decent strike rate.

MS Dhoni – 4

The Indian skipper was not up to his usual self as he gifted his wicket quite early where he should have built the inning

With Jadhav.

Axar Patel – 8

The all rounder had achieved his career best ranking just before the match and performed brilliantly with both bat and ball making 20 runs and taking a wicket with a steady average.

Dhawal Kulkarni – 8

Kulkarni was good at his usual self by picking up two wickets and conceding 23 runs only that marked a good day for him.

Jasprit Bumrah – 7

Bowled in the death over and did the job that was assigned to him with his accurate line and length, but was unlucky not to pick up any wicket.

Barinder Saran – 7

Had a brilliant performance in the last match, but this one was ordinary and even went on to concede 17 runs in the final over.

Yuzvendra Chahal – 5

Poor performance by the leg spinner as he conceded at a rate of 8 in a low scoring match has talent with him but is inconsistent.



The French just got what they wished for. Both Switzerland and France got what their hearts wanted and desired earnestly. The match on Sunday ended with a 0-0 draw but the French coach is still thinking about the best formula to apply on the players of his team. Their performance was satisfactory but still not the best. Didier Delchamps is still trying to fetch and fit the most probable equation to bring the best out of his team players. Despite ending up on the position they wanted in Euro 2016, the French coach still has high expectations from his team. He made five changes for the Sunday’s match which allowed France to win in their group.


France showed their potential against Albania in the second half and against Switzerland in the first half. They have plenty of talent up front but they are yet to deliver a full match performance, hinting that they could trouble the big shots of football as well. By far they have only defeated one of the weakest teams in the tournament. It still remains to be seen that how their back four, which is perhaps their weakest point, holds against the stronger contenders.


Is he an ideal coach? What do you think

Deschamps, who is a sharp tactician, shocked many observants when he left Paul Pogba, the midfielder, and Antoine Griezmann, the most dangerous French striker, on the bench for the first half against Albania. Later on, the French team was struggling on the field with its 4-3-2-1 formation. As a display of his keen insight, Deschamp then rolled out Pogba and Greizmann on the field and reverted to a 4-3-3 formation which ultimately managed to break through Albania’s defense. This tactic was not the only surprise delivered by Deschamps. There was another surprise element to the match. Payet, whose goaling skills were instrumental in first two wins of France, started on the bench. His spot in starting 11 was occupied by Kingsley Coman.

Deschamps might have been proud of his team with their display against Switzerland. For example- Pogba, who managed to cover the entire field in first half against Albania, showed his class at the end of the game after subdued displays in first two outings. Was this not in tandem with the rule “Show your weakest side to your opponent so that he sizes you up as a weak opponent. After this trap has been set, deceive him with classy tactics.” With Pogba following this mantra and more of the same from Payet’s side, France was able to  step up a gear in the knockout stage. The 4-3-3 formation was working perfectly in their favor.

Laurent and Adil Rami, who also showed their nerves in the warm up games and in the match against Romania, are also now looking safer. The defense is less worrisome for coach Deschamps even if the left back Patrice Evra is looking his age and might be the main target of the opponents to come. France will now face one of the third placed team from either Group C, D or E. The upcoming match will be played in Lyon on Sunday.

This  coach of the French team  has all the right  reasons to be proud of his team. We must not forget that it was under Deschamps’ guidance that France got its victory at World Cup, 1998 and at the European Championship, 2000. He has a reputation of a magician who can turn anything into gold with his touch. He still has a lot more to achieve. He is still not at his dream destination. Yet his moves suggest that he is in the right direction.

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