Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016), In yet another exciting turn of events, the match played between Portugal and Hungary on Wednesday ended as a draw with each team scoring three goals.

As always, the “penalty-area predator” of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, embraced his habitual position on the ground of carrying the load of the match single-handedly when others shrunk, thus ensuring that his jittery team was able to scrap out the much needed draw against Brend Storck’s Hungary.

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

The Hungarians thus win Group F, and quite deservedly so, after that exciting game befitting the shockingly scorching heat in Lyon. Despite everything, Ronaldo’s top billing is equally merited even after his two-goal salvo. He has set a record breaking tournament appearance of 17 here, which is indeed a tribute to his brilliance which is unparalleled thanks to his incredible perseverance.

Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)
Portugal plays a draw against Hungary (Euro 2016)

As soon as the match opened up, Portugal, which has never lost in the previous 10 games with Magyars (dating back to 1926), were in quite a bit of trouble after Hungary’s initial meaningful attack. On the edge of the area, a corner was steered clear to Zoltan Gera and the former west player Bromwich Albion long with Fulham as midfielder had enough time and space to shoot it down and hit a delightful half-volley past Rui Patricio, the goalkeeper. This 37 year old exclaims it to be “one of his best shot” after the game. Things got much worse for Portugal after the initial Goal of Gera, when Patricio sprawled to the block from Akos Elek (after four minutes) and the defense expected an offside that never went down. Along with their humongous support, by half-hour, the Hungarians were literally knocking the ball merrily to “oles”.

Soon, Ronaldo reprised his role as that of a frustrated figure of Portugal’s opening two matches, and shot down a pair of the stereotype free-kick shots; the former was pushed away quite easily by Gabor Kiraly, while the latter looped harmlessly over the goalpost’s crossbar. Against all odds however, he emerged yet again in the unlikely role of provider and in the 42nd minute with his shrewd pass cutting down four defenders and thus allowing Nani, one of Portugal’s most ferocious players in first half, to chest down the equalizer past Kiraly.

At break, midfielder Renato Sanches replaced Joao Moutinho, but this hardly elevated the situation. Balazs Dzsudzsak, Hungary’s captain, curled out a free-kick towards the goal that took a great deflection off the shoulder of Andre Gomes and flew right past Ptricio. Just at he first half’s end, Hungary reclaimed its advantage with Gergo Lovensics, shooting into the side-netting. To their shock, Portugal equalized the score hardly a minute later, after Ronaldo struck a tiny “rabona finish” to the right wing cross of Joao Mario.

It was merely inches that prevented Nani from giving Portugal yet another lead when Dzsudzsak struck a shot similar to his initial goal, and smashing a lefty in a deflection off Nani after the free kick was charged down. Santos then made an important change, replacing Gomes by Ricardo Quaresma. His impact was indeed instant when Besiktas winger gave Ronaldo a simple header via a beautiful cross from the left. It occurred now that Santos’ team could only end this humiliation by playing in Hungary’s half, hence both Quaresma and Ronaldo took the responsibility of putting their team in front again.

As the game entered its last 10 minutes, Santos replaced Nani with an overly defensive Danilo Pereira, with the belief that a point would see his own side whatever might come. Consequently, the game concluded in a draw when neither of the teams were able to point a gal in the extra time.

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