Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again, The three lions wasted the chance to stay on top of the group as they were held by Slovakia. England team showed some hope after their impressive display against the Wales team where they dominated and won the match, but this match was a complete contrast to the game against Wales. England had some chances, wasted by their attack and was increasingly frustrated by the Slovakian backline. The Slovakian goalkeeper also produced some good saves which resulted in another stalemate at this year Euros.

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

England had better chances of scoring as Jamie Vardy’s shot was brilliantly saved by the Slovakian number one. Delle alli’s late effort was also blocked by Martin Skertel and this outcome made them second in the group table that makes their Euros journey much harder as they can face Portugal in their round of 16 encounters.

Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again
Slovakia vs. England: How the three lions pampered again

Gambles don’t always work

Though it was a gamble too to make Roy Hodgson as the England manager and has also didn’t worked well for the three lions so far and same was the story of last match. Roy was highly praised for his antics in the last match where he made a gamble by introducing Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge, both of them changed the course of the match. Roy Hodgson pretty confident because of his last match gambles working gambled again by introducing 6 new players in the starting lineup. The move strongly backfired as England was not able to create an opening and thus stalled their momentum which they acquired in the win against Wales. He introduced Wilshire in the Medfield in place of Wayne Rooney and changed both the wingback and brought in both the goal scores from their last match but it became pretty awkward as Jack Wilshire was wayward and Daniel Sturridge and Lallana were also introduced in unfamiliar roles.

Jack Wilshire is not up to the standard

Well saying this is a bit too hard, but this supremely talented lad’s performance reflected this. This was not Wilshire’s fault, how can you expect from a player to replace your captain and man of the match for the last two matches and specially a player who has not played a single match of competing for more than a year. His selection was completely unjustified as there were some better players than him and his performance reflected the same.

Eric Dier is the real deal for England at the Euros

He has been a constant performer for England and especially at the Euros he has impressed me a lot not only with his free kick skill from which he scored a goal against Russia, but also with the all round performance and was having a man of the match performance last night and if he continues to show in the form like he has done so far then England stand a real chance to advance to the quarter finals.

There is still hope for Slovakia

Though Slovakia lost the game and came in the third position, but this doesn’t mean that they are eliminated from the tournament. They stand a real chance to qualify for the round of 16 with four points in hand, but have to wait till the group stage is over.

England could have a tough road ahead

Finishing second is not at all good for a team like England and this puts them in grave danger as they will face a second placed team which may be Portugal too. Facing a tough challenge of Portugal will definitely torment England hopes of advancing as they are an elite team blessed with some great talents and are just one win away from being confident

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