Threats of E-Games

Threats of E-Games

E-games have become a trend these days. The term Threats of E-Games refer to electronic games that are available online and there are numerous sites on which a large variety of e-games are available for about every age group. There many games related to sports like cricket, soccer, football that are of huge interests to boys and also there are many more games for girls as well. The pupil belonging to teenage are showing great interest towards it. The problem is that nowadays even toddlers have become greatly addicted to such games not realizing that these games can cause harm to them. Parents ignore the fact that these e-games are great threat to their children but it is very important for them to realize that they should try to stop their children from playing them because when their children play these games excessively, it is causing serious issues to them.

Threats of E-Games

Threats of E-Games
Threats of E-Games

Some of the disadvantages caused by e-games are as follows;

  1. Lack of interest towards physical activities

When people get used to play online games all day long then they do not find any attraction in physical activities. They prefer to sit in front of computer screens all day rather than to go outside and play games that would require physical involvement. Due to this children put on a lot of weight in early age that is a threat to their health as obesity can cause a lot many diseases and they may be very dangerous in early ages. So parents should force their children to get rid of these games and to play games that would be a good source of exercise for them which would be able to make them fit and healthy.

  1. Threat to eye-sight

It is observed these days that most of the children wear eye glasses because they suffer from the weakness of eye sights from a very young age and one of the reason causing this is that they are addicted to online gaming. Excessive use of computers can cause our eyes to get weak very soon. Eye diseases have been increases day by day due this. These diseases may be Long sightedness or short sightedness.

  1. Spam mails

E-games are causing problems to the health of children but it also causes other problems that may be very dangerous for them. There are some sites that ask for personal data and many other stuff and there are people with bad intentions behind those computer screens which desire to get undue profit and children are not wise enough to understand these complications. They are quite naïve and usually they do give that personal data online not realizing that this can be a huge issue.

  1. Lack of social interaction

When the attention of children is more and more diverted towards e-games then they do not pay any attention to their surroundings. All they care about is their games and high scores. As a result they lack interaction with other people. Usually a communication gap is observed between the parents and their children, which can never be beneficial for the children. It may cause more and more trouble to them. Due to which family, friends and relationships are neglected and this gives rise to more fights and less peace around us.

  1. Violence

Due to the nature of some games that contains arms and ammunition and wars, then these games negatively affect the attitude and thoughts of the children. They promote violence. The attitude of such children changes a lot. They seem to be very violent and ready to fight on very small and ignorable issues.

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