women sports

Women’s sports

Women’s sports have been working in every field alongside men. In this modern time men and women are considered to be equal and except some nations, gender inequality has been eliminated by the hard working and courageous women who had proved to the world that they have the abilities to work for every profession and so they have succeeded to change alter people’s thoughts about that women are not strong enough to do anything.

Women’s sports

Nowadays, women have been serving their respective countries and making their nation very proud but when we look back to the past decades, we can know that there was a time when women were not even allowed to take part in sports. The reason may be that the women did not have a vast interest in sports but as the time passed the women showed due interest towards sports and so became a part of it.

women sports
women sports

Women’s sports same like men’s sports

The Olympics had initially started in the year 1896 and at this time women were not allowed to participate in it but however when women showed great interest in athletics and soon they had begun to participate in the Olympics. In 1900 women had participated in the Olympics for the first time though they were very few in quantity. The women that participated in it were just 22 in the games like golf, croquet, sailing etc. The physical weakness and lack of stamina had created a sense of discouragement among the women and as there was a lack of support to women then internationally a committee was made which actually created a sense of encouragement among the women worldwide. After the committee was founded women from more than 20 countries started to participate in sports proving people wrong and showing everyone that they had will power and courage to do what they want and continued to make their nations proud. Women teams have won four gold medals in the Olympics which even the men were unable to win.

Gender equality was faced by women by a large extent but women did not lose their hopes. They continued to fight the battle of gender equality as according to the title ix, which is a law, there must not be any sort of gender discrimination anywhere at all.

In the ancient times women were not allowed to receive education but in French revolution men and women both were given equal rights and they both received same education as well as sports training as sports was a part of education system and it still is in many countries. Another problem faced by the women was that there was no media coverage for the women matches. The media only used to cover the matches, victories and statistics of just men’s matches. No due attention was paid to women’s matches and due to this the women’s matches were not promoted as much as the men’s matches.

But things have changed a lot since then. It is worth mentioning that the women team of West Indies had also won the T20 world cup same year when the men’s team did. There are some honorable mentions of women which must be taken into account because due to their determination they were able to get success.

  1. Serena Williams

She is a tennis player and she is ranked to be the number 1 player in women tennis.

  1. Maria Sharapova
    Maria Sharapova is also a professional tennis player and she has competed on the WTA tour.
  2. Ronda Rousey

She is a mixed martial artist and she was the first ever women to get a gold medal in Olympics for judo.

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